Carolyn Warren

Reviewer Carolyn Warren: Carolyn is the author of Mortgage Rip-Offs and Money Savers, an Amazon bestseller and Book of the Month pick for The Washington Post (8/08). She also writes for the Christian market. Praying Through Your Pregnancy was a finalist in the 2010 ECOA Book Awards. She enjoys reading nonfiction, literary fiction, and women's mainstream novels. Follow Here To Find Out More About Carolyn and Here.

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 Articles by this Author

Author: Ken Follett

ISBN: 978-0525953098

Author: Davis Bunn

ISBN: 9781416556732

Author: O.H. Bennett

ISBN: 978-1-932841-79-4

Author: Karen Kingsbury

ISBN: 9781476707372


Author: Laura Hedgecock

ISBN: 9781462114535

Author: Craig W. Fruth


Author: Dr. Henry Cloud

ISBN: 978-1-4391-8054-9


Authors: Dr. Jane McGregor and Tim McGregor

ISBN: 9780897936965

Author: Beth K. Vogt

ISBN: 9781476737584


Author: Rachel Weaver

ISBN: 978-1-935439091-2

Author: Serena B. Miller

ISBN: 781451660371

Author: Glory Albin

ISBN:  9781462113286

Author: Thomas C. Card

ISBN:  1861543476

Author: Amil Dinsio

ISBN: 9781939758040


Author: Benjamin W. DeHaven

ISBN: 978-0-989912686


Authors: Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar

ISBN: 9781451679168


Author: Pauline Hansen

ISBN: 978-1462113644


Author: Toni Tuso Faber

Illustrator: Benton Rudd

ISBN: 978-0-9897168-2-6


Author: Barbara Berger

ISBN: 978-1-78279-201-7­


Author: Katie Lewis

ISBN: 9781462112883

Author: Maija Rhee Devine

ISBN: 978-1-62412-003-9

Author: Jason Harvey

ISBN: 9780981363905

Author: Paula K. Parker

ISBN: 978-1-78078-050-4


Author: Robert Hammond

ISBN: 9780615875958

Author: James A. Surrell, M.D.
ISBN: 978-0982560181

Author: Ellis Chase

ISBN: 9780988897924

Author: Debbie Macomber

ISBN: 978-0-345-52889-6

Author: J. Michael Dew

Illustrator:  by Raw Spoon

ISBN: 978-0-98-189299-3

Author: Elizabeth W. Davidson

Illustrated by Michael Hagelberg

ISBN: 9781589850255


Authors: Nathanael Kuipers and Mattia Zamboni

ISBN: 978-1-59327-503-7

Author: Jan Camp

ISBN: 978-1-939353-01-6

Author: Patricia Cliff
ISBN: 978-1-939561-89-5

Author: Betty Hechtman

ISBN: 978-0-425-25221-5

Author: David Newman

ISBN: 978-0-8144-3286-0

Author: Noelle M. Meade-Izzi

ISBN: 978-1-4525-6291-9

Author: Jessica Lott

ISBN: 9781451645873


Author:  Lisa Bergren

ISBN: 978-43476432-4

Author:  Jeremy Reynalds

ISBN:  978-1-4497-9020-2

Author and Illustrator:  J. Scott Fuqua
ISBN:  978-1-61088-077-0

Authors:  Gabriella Francine with Solara Vayanian

ISBN: 978-1-938504-00-6

Author:  Rob Harper

ISBN: 978-1463522704

Author: Marianne Taylor and Lauren Taylor

Publisher: Reader’s Digest

ISBN:  9781621450306

Author: Debbie Macomber

ISBN: 978-0-345-52881-0

Author: Sue Ganz-Schmitt

Author: Sue Ganz-Schmitt

Illustrated by Micah Chambers-Goldberg

ISBN:  978-0-9831487-0-9

Author:  Lucy Clarke

ISBN:  9781451683393

Author: John M. Simmons

ISBN: 097259166-4


Author:  Jeff Shinabarger

ISBN: 978-0-7814-0820-2


Author:  Eric Siegel

ISBN:  978-1-118-35685-2

Author: Cheryl Shireman

ISBN:  978-1625660084

Author:  Barbara C. Burgess

ISBN:  9781481905565


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