Author: Robert Hammond

ISBN: 9780615875958

Robert Hammond transformed his life in a remarkable way, and now he’s written about how you can do the same. He radiates optimism and confidence throughout this quick-to-read book.

Robert was brought up by parents who had college degrees. His family lived in a nice Southern California neighborhood, and he went to good schools. Nevertheless, he got on a path that led to heroin, robbery, burglary, drug dealing, and eventually prison. It was not an easy road. On Thanksgiving, a prison guard said, “You’ll be dead by Christmas.”

But Robert did not die. He served time and later received a pardon from Governor Jerry Brown. At that point, he couldn’t get a job, credit, or even open a savings account. A banker told him, “We don’t want your money here.” So he did what he felt he had to do to survive. He learned how to clear the negative credit from his report and establish good credit. And that began his writing career.

He wrote Life After Debt and appeared on radio and TV. He says that book sold over 100,000 copies. He also wrote The Light, a book based on his life and Ready When You Are, a biography about Cecil B. DeMille.

Transformed By Writing is a random collection of mostly short chapters that provide snippets of his life, quotations from various authors, both ancient and contemporary. The chapters are not numbered; perhaps that is by design as they are not in any particular order.

The first chapters are cliff hangers and later, you find out they’re part of Robert’s life story. The chapter titled “10 Writers Who Changed the World” is comprised of ten sample writings from various books of the Holy Bible as a demonstration of writing that lasts throughout time.

How to Write a Hollywood Movie” is an excerpt from a recording of a 15-minute classroom presentation. The depth of his teaching is, “Basically, you have to get an idea. What’s this thing about? Number two is, you need character and a group of characters. You need people. Whose story is this? Then thirdly, you need the actual story outline or some kind of plot. What happens?”

The longest chapter, 59 pages, is an unedited transcript from The Philippe Matthews Show and from Nick Digilio, host of WGN Radio Chicago where Hammond tells more about his life journey.

The wrap-up is in the last chapter: “The hero’s journey is a deep level of storytelling that connects us all at the core of who we are and what we are capable of becoming. There are many versions of the underlying stages and many heroes that follow this path, from ancient saviors like Moses and Jesus to modern literary characters including Alice in Wonderland, Superman, and Harry Potter. In some ways, we all travel a hero’s journey.”

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