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-Barbara Wall, VP/Publicist, The Barrett Company, www.thebarrettco.com

"Norm Goldman has consistently provided our company and author clients with thorough, accurate and timely reviews. This is an organization whose reviewers read every page and ensure that a fair, balanced and thoughtful analysis and review is provided. Norm has been 100% honest, and has never promised a “glowing” review or anything else that he could not deliver.

Norm also provides “little extras” that make his service very attractive to our authors. In addition to posting his review on a variety of outlets (social networking media, online booksellers, etc.), Norm provides author pics and an e-interview, which not only ensures the author personal attention, but provides the reader with direct insight into the author’s thoughts on creating his book.

I believe you will find Norm’s fresh insights and integrity immensely helpful to your book marketing campaign, and would therefore highly recommend Norm’s review service."

-William Manchee, Attorney/Novelist, Manchee & Manchee PC

Norm is a prolific reader and reviewer of fiction. He's reviewed several of my books as well as other authors I know and does an excellent job of evaluation and fair criticism. I tell all my fellow authors to send their new releases to him for a fair and honest evaluation.” November 8, 2010

-Jerry D. Simmons--” November 8, 2010

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Norm and bookpleasures.com, they are a great way to promote authors and their books. Norm runs a professional organization and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his services to any author.”

-Lois Stern was Norm's client


-Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, was Norm's client

"Highly recommended. As a fellow Canadian author, it was my pleasure to meet Norm Goldman through networking. He produced not only a thorough review of my book (within an amazing record-time—10 days) but also, went the extra mile by recommending this resource to otherauthors. Norm takes his work seriously, and includes a compassionate side—professional and supportive. Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen - “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers”

-Scott Lorenz, President, Westwind Communications was with another company when working with Norm at Bookpleasures.com

Norm Goldman helps authors achieve their goals by providing book reviewers who are genuinely interested in reading new books. Norm's network of reviewers are often the first critical reviewers any author may experience. This service can shed a light on a new author's work giving them encouragement.

Norm's web site is a terrific resource for authors, reviewers and lovers of books. I highly recommended Norm Goldman and his good work.” November 7, 2010

-Mary Martin was Norm's client

"Norm is a fine reviewer of books of all kinds. He has personally reviewed all my novels in my firsttrilogy and has arranged for an excellent reviewer of my fourth novel. He has also conducted very interesting interviews of me on two occasions. All work was done in a timely and professionalmanner. He also has an in depth and working knowledge of the publishing industry and provides a much needed service for those independently published authors--professional, high quality reviewing."

Aggie Villanueva, Visual Arts Junction / Promotion a la Carte / VAJ Buzz Club, Visual Arts Junction, was with another company when working with Norm at Bookpleasures.com

"As founder of Promotion a la Carte I submit my client's books to Norm regularly and he and his staff get to us quickly and with highly professional reviews. I'd never dream of not submitting myclient's work to him. And when I started pre-pub promotion for my latest book, Norm took care of reviewing it personally, and going the extra mile to offer me extra publicity by including me in his author resources pages. Norm's company, BookPleasures is one of the most professional, fast and caring reviewers I've worked with. Thanks Norm!"

Barbara Spring, was Norm's client

"Norm Goldman has been a networking partner of mine for several years. I did reviews for hisBookPleasures.com Web site for years and since then I refer clients to him and have worked with his current staff of reviewers. He is ever-helpful to writers--both experienced and blooming. Always encouraging. Always willing to go the extra step. Highly recommended."

-Carolyn Howard-Johnson Book marketing consultant, retail consultant, speaker and instructor for UCLA Extension Writers'Program"

Writer was with another company when working with Norm at Bookpleasures.com "Norm Goldman did what he said he would do. Review my book in under 15 days. I was surprised when he did it even faster than that. Very professional."

Jason Alster, was Norm's client

"Norm is an incredibly energetic person with a great love for books. I appreciate his consistent efforts to bring reviewers and authors together. He is widely responsible for a vast group of people whom he manages with great charm and delight. A consummate professional!"

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, Blogger/Author, Power of Slow, was with another company when working with Norm at Bookpleasures.com

"We've coordinated on a wide variety of books for bookpleasures.com, and Norm's reviews arealways extremely thorough and well-researched. Norm and his reviewers are efficient, and always a pleasure to work with!"

Julie Harabedian, Associate Publicity Manager, FSB Associates. Web Publicity For Books., was with another company when working with Norm at Bookpleasures.com

"I've worked with Norm Goldman about 2 years now as a reviewer for Bookpleasures.com. He's the group's administrator and does a wonderful job keeping tabs on everything. He's always on top of things, easy to work with, and quick to respond to any questions with a solution or suggestion. Ihighly recommend his work ethics and experience, along with his excellent leadership skills."

Cindy Bauer, Reviewer, Bookpleasures, worked directly with Norm at Bookpleasures.com

"Norm and his team have reviewed a number of titles we have promoted over the years. He is a true book lover and is always enthusiastic about our pitches. I hope to continue working with him for many years to come."

Wiley Saichek, Marketing Director, The Book Report Network, was with another company when working with Norm at Bookpleasures.com

"Norm offers valuable publicity opportunities for authors via reviews and interviews and ensures  that the authors and their books receive maximum exposure. He is timely, responds to questions immediately and always provides top-notch service."

Paula Krapf, was Norm's client

"Norm provided a quality reviewer, Paula Buermele, for my novel, Neitherworld (available onAmazon!) who wrote an articulate and fair review. It not only helped my sales, but helped hone my writing."

Scott Baker, was Norm's client

"I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Norm on several occasions throughout the years.

He thoroughly researches the work he writes about and writes appropriate reviews on his travels
which are beautifully illustrated by the watercolors his wife Lily draws. He and Lily are always joys
to work with!"

Rachel Carter, Principal & Publicist, Rachel Carter PR, worked with Norm at Bookpleasures.com

"Norm Goldman is one of Canada's top internet book reviewers and his reviews bear weight.Norm's website http://www.bookpleasures.com/ discusses some of the most important books in print and is well worth a look."

David Stanley, Guidebook Writer, Avalon Travel Publishing, was with another company when working with Norm at Bookpleasures.com

"Norm Goldman is a true professional with a wonderful team of experts. I would highly recommend Norm and his staff as book reviewers. They are knowledgeable, experienced, constructively critical and imminently fair. "

Sigrid Macdonald, was Norm's client

"Norm Goldman is a well-renowned book reviewer, who coordinates a team of people that are also available to review books. As a Canadian author, I contacted Norm and asked if he would agree to review my first book. I was pleasantly surprised by his extremely prompt response. Norm sent my inquiry out to his team and within several days, a wonderful person in India offered to review my book on hip replacement. He was cordial, friendly, and imminently professional. I was quite pleased with his review. Consequently, I recommended Norm to my friend Anita and once again, a person from his team reviewed her book in a timely and comprehensive fashion. If you are an author, you certainly want to put Norm Goldman and Bookpleasures.com at the top of your list of contacts!

Sigrid Macdonald, Writer, Freelance, worked with Norm at Sketchandtravel.com&Bookpleasures.com

"As one of Norm's reviewers on Book Pleasures, I can vouch that Norm is great to work with and is always helpful & responsive. He works very hard on the site and it's been enjoyable to be a part of it."

Andrea Wren, was with another company when working with Norm at Sketchandtravel.com& Bookpleasures.com

"As one of Norm's reviewers on Book Pleasures, I can vouch that Norm is great to work with and isalways helpful & responsive. He works very hard on the site and it's been enjoyable to be a part of it"

-Caleb Pirtle III-Author of over 57 books

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