Fiction/NonFiction Coach/Focus Consultant

Are You in Need of a Good Fiction or Organizational Coach?

If you are in need of storyboarding, worldbuilding or pacing in conflicts, or even expanding the focus for your nonfiction, check out Tom Pope’s Writing Service. 

Tom Pope has individually helped students through tutoring services, fiction workshops and by teaching at Queens College, part of the City University of New York.

Tom can make your work stand out! At $35 an hour, his fiction analysis can guide you with a list of suggestions for:

  • Developing the cultural world of your characters

  • Finding your expression through supporting characters you may have missed

  • Finding the socio-economic structures of your world

  • Finding factions that support or hinder your character

His nonfiction analysis can guide you with a list of suggestions for:

  • Finding the extended use of the 5W’s to widen the scope of your focus

  • Locating connecting points that aid focus

  • Developing arcs to show interrelationships of the major factors

  • Use of transitional tools to stay in focus

Or you can have a total rewrite for $60 an hour that includes the above with further consultation, such as:

  • How a reaction outline helps a writer decide on responses by others and nature to the character

  • How a conflict outline blends mini conflicts with the overall struggle

  • Using special tools, like SHOW & TELL, or the internal POV

Or for non-fiction works:

  • How personalization can help show the impact of a change

  • Translating generalities into specific details

  • How a cause effect outline can help chart the focus

  • How a zoom in-zoom out outline helps relate specific detail to a generalized concept

  • How using key words and concepts can frame the focus

This consulting service is meant to coach the author. As a team approach, the goal is to make the author’s main concept stand out. That means you can expect to find your most important topic highlighted in a stronger fashion, even if some secondary items are made smaller. Yet the result should produce a sharper version of your work.

***Special Notice: Tom can not guarantee your work will be sold. No prep coach can assure that. The publishing industry develops works based on many variables and the priorities of agents or editors often occur because of many business factors beyond the work itself. Yet building the craft of writing can place you in a better position to succeed.

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