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Reviewer Persis ("Perky") Granger: Perky is an avid reader and a writer of fiction and nonfiction, including Adirondack Gold, A Summer of Strangers and Shared Stories from Daughters of Alzheimer's: Writing a path to peace. She studied at the College of Wooster (OH) and the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), earning a BA at the latter. She later completed her Master of Science in Teaching at SUNY Plattsburgh.
She presents programs to adults and youth, and hosts writers’ retreats in New York and Florida. Learn more at (also accessed as


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Author:Phyllis Harrison



In Plowshares of the Palatinate
, author Phyllis Harrison pulls us into the heart of the 17th century, with its political unrest, alliances forged with wedding rings, religious intolerance, and the greed and evil that masqueraded as championing the “true faith” in that era

Author: Anne White
Publisher: Hilliard and Harris
ISBN: 1-59133-298-2:  978-1-59133-298-5

The serene backdrop of the Adirondack Mountains’ pristine Lake George seems an unlikely place to find the ugly snarl of infidelity, deception and murder, but mystery writer Anne White offers just that in Cold Winter Nights, the fifth in her Lake George Mystery series

Author: Richard Edward Noble
Publisher: Noble Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9798085-6-2

What do you have when you take a bunch of guys in their late teens and early twenties in the early 1960s, who pride themselves on just “hanging out” on whatever corner they aren’t chased off of in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the hometown of Richard Edward Noble?

Author: Dr. Charlotte Cowan
ISBN: 0-9753516-3-X
Publisher: The Hippocratic Press

This reviewer was enduring the sniffles as she sat down to read and review Katie Caught a Cold. Between coughs and nose-blowings I thought, “How ironic!” and then, “How appropriate. Who better to evaluate the effectiveness of the book?” Wishing I had a mommy’s lap to snuggle on, I grabbed a tissue and snuggled up next to the fire to begin

Author: Dr. Charlotte Cowan
ISBN: 0-9753516-4-8
Publisher: The Hippocratic Press

A youngster with a scratchy throat would be calmed by this story and encouraged to know that medication will help

Author: Garth Dahl
Illustrated by Reka Hegedus
ISBN: 978-0-978-2839-2-6
Publisher: Modern World Publishing

Gassy the Cow is a charming and funny story that kids will enjoy and joke about long after the reading.

Author: Robert Hafetz
ISBN: 978-1419692581
Publisher: BookSurge

Whether the reader agrees or disagrees with him on this point, he will find Hafetz’s discussion about the adopted child’s grief at separation to be compelling and believable.

Author: Glenn Pearsall
ISBN: 978-1-886166-20-2
Publisher: Pyramid Publishing 2008 for Johnsburg Historical Society

In Echoes in These Mountains, Glenn Pearsall has tackled the herculean task of capturing the history of fifty-five historic sites in the town of Johnsburg, NY.

Author: Dr. Charlotte Cowan
ISBN: 978-0-9753516-5-9
Publisher: The Hippocratic Press

This “read-to” book for children ages four to seven will both educate and comfort – and kids will be delighted to be encouraged to talk about “poop.”

Author: Gloria Waldron Hukle

ISBN: 1-4259-4260-1

Publisher:AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN

This novel dusted away the cobwebs settled on this reader’s long-ago seventh grade social studies lessons, refreshing my memories of Dutch colonization in North America, adding much new information and painting faces and hearts on that history.

Review: The Violin Diary

Author: Eric M. Norcross

Publisher: Norcross Media

ISBN: 978-0-557-02264-9

There is rare beauty in the simplicity of the story and the lesson it teaches. In “The Violin Diary” Eric Norcross has written a memorable and uplifting novel.


Author: Margot Justes

ISBN: 978-1-59080-534-3

Publisher: Echelon Press


In A Hotel in Paris, Minola Grey has gone to Paris to immerse herself in art in an effort to refocus her life after a painful breakup with a man she had loved. She teaches art at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, fulfills consignments for portraits, sketches scenes around the city, and soaks up inspiration from the breathtaking view of Notre Dame, picturesque Luxembourg Gardens, and the Rodin Museum. Just as she thinks she is regaining her equilibrium, her world is upended by the murder of Lord Yardleigh in the hotel suite near hers, and the subsequent arrival of Interpol Chief Inspector Peter Riley. Minola is irresistibly drawn to the mystery surrounding Yardleigh’s death, and equally captivated by Peter Riley.

Review: Keeping Hannah Waiting

Author: Dave Clarke

ISBN: 978-0615227474

Publisher: Hologram Publishing

Author Dave Clarke spins a fascinating tale of a grieving daughter’s accidental discovery of a previously unknown and fabulously valuable Chagall painting, found among the huge collection of old books left by the young woman’s recently deceased mother.

Author: Richard Edward Noble

Noble Publishing

ISBN: 079-0-9798085-2-4

In Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother, Richard Edward Noble takes us into the life, the mind, the very soul, of a young boy in the hardscrabble mill town of Lawrence, Massachusetts in the mid-1900s.

Author: Laurie Loveman

ISBN: 1-59109-432-1

Two divorced strangers meet over a maggot-infested body during the Great Depression. Can romance be far behind?Freddy Pratter, divorced and determined to stay single, becomes acquainted with  Glynis Hampton, a recent divorcee, and their shared love of photography draws them together. Glynis, with her two children, has returned to her family farm in Dalebridge to put her life back together. She is reunited with her lifelong friend Laura Darvey, who is eager to have Glynis help teach riding lessons at her stable.

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