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Author: Margot Justes

ISBN: 978-1-59080-534-3

Publisher: Echelon Press


In A Hotel in Paris, Minola Grey has gone to Paris to immerse herself in art in an effort to refocus her life after a painful breakup with a man she had loved. She teaches art at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, fulfills consignments for portraits, sketches scenes around the city, and soaks up inspiration from the breathtaking view of Notre Dame, picturesque Luxembourg Gardens, and the Rodin Museum. Just as she thinks she is regaining her equilibrium, her world is upended by the murder of Lord Yardleigh in the hotel suite near hers, and the subsequent arrival of Interpol Chief Inspector Peter Riley. Minola is irresistibly drawn to the mystery surrounding Yardleigh’s death, and equally captivated by Peter Riley.

The Chief Inspector forbids Minola to meddle in his investigation, but reverses his position as Minola unintentionally wins his heart and weakens his resolve. Soon Minola and her best friend, Sally Jones, are in the thick of the investigation, relying heavily on the acute powers of observation Minola has developed as an artist. Sally’s husband, Robert, is helping, too. Finding the murderer depends on their discovering the partners and clients in Yardleigh’s money-laundering scheme. Peter fears for their safety, knowing that whoever killed Yardleigh will likely kill again.

Peter is right. A second murder occurs just as they sleuths are in the process of flushing out the criminals, and it soon becomes evident that Minola will be the next target.

The love affair between the artist and the chief inspector, which flies in the face of the resolve each has not to be hurt again, escalates at a pace even with the development of the mystery, holding the reader captive until the end.

In Minola Grey, Margot Justes has created a truly likable main character for A Hotel in Paris.  Minola’s friendship with Sally evokes memories of Lucy and Ethel or LaVerne and Shirley – sans slapstick, of course. These are characters we can’t help liking and rooting for. Justes’ setting, painted with the scenic gardens, street vendors, museums, gardens and café, brings Paris to life for this reader, and I long to linger awhile over yet another cup of strong coffee with Minola. What mystery will captivate her next? More importantly, will we be invited along?

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