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Author: Dr. Charlotte Cowan
ISBN: 978-0-9753516-5-9
Publisher: The Hippocratic Press

When four-year-old Miles Moose begins to feel ill on a family outing, Mama Moose wisely takes him home, reassures him and begins to gently prepare him for the effects that the “little storm” brewing inside his stomach will wreak. Her calm responses to his vomiting and diarrhea, and the simple explanations she gives him for these experiences, make “The Moose with Loose Poops” the perfect vehicle for parents to teach young children about gastroenteritis.

This “read-to” book for children ages four to seven will both educate and comfort – and kids will be delighted to be encouraged to talk about “poop.” The parents’ guide tucked into a pocket in the back cover of the book, “Getting Through Gastroenteritis,” provides a quick reference for moms and dads dealing with the infection for the first time, explaining how to recognize the symptoms, how to protect other family members, how to treat the patient, when to call the doctor, and when to send the child back to daycare or school. Author/pediatrician Charlotte Cowan has provided an enjoyable book for children and a useful tool for parents. The charming illustrations by Penelope Neal will entertain and amuse young patients as they learn about gastroenteritis.

Parents will also welcome help provided by the other books in Dr. Charlotte Cowan’s “Dr. Hippo Series”--“Peeper Has a Fever,” “Sadie’s Sore Throat,” “Katie Caught a Cold” and “The Little Elephant with the Big Earache.”

Click Here To Purchase The Moose with Loose Poops (Dr. Hippo)


Dr. Charlotte Cowan, creator and author of the Dr. Hippo Series of Children’s Books, has been selected by the Obama Administration as one of the leading social innovators in the country.  In an exclusive reception at the White House this week, Dr. Cowan was recognized by President Obama and members of his recently-formed White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation.   

Dr. Cowan was chosen by the Obama administration for her five award-winning, creative children’s books aimed at educating parents and children about ubiquitous illnesses, decreasing family anxiety and reducing unnecessary and expensive reliance on doctor offices and emergency rooms.  After training and practicing pediatrics for many years at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, Dr. Cowan formed the Hippocratic Press in 2004 to focus creatively on those illnesses that affect tens of millions of American families and cost billions of healthcare dollars