Author: Rocky Smolin
ISBN: 978-1-59059-971-6
Publisher: Apress

Rocky Smolin's From Program To Product is a helpful guidebook for turning a custom computer application into a marketable product. Smolin's advice will help you polish your program into a professional and marketable product.

Developers are usually concerned with customizing a solution, but to market your solution, you need more. Smolin will help you gain a new perspective -- what must I do before I release this software? The first step is to gauge the market. Not every masterpiece has a market, and Smolin forces you to be realistic and honest. During development, Smolin stresses benchmarks that will help you produce the best product. These points are more about "best practices" for programming rather than marketing, but they're essential to a quality product. It's often in the details, as they say.

Smolin discusses ethics, details, promotion, capital, insurance, taxes, the competition, and how to keep customers wanting more. Along the way, Smolin encourages the reader to keep engaged and focused. Each chapter is followed by an interview with a developer who met the challenge. These interviews are insightful and inspiring. Don't skip them!

This book provides an insightful step-by-step guide to turning your software into a marketable product. Smolin offers solid business advice in clear and accessible language. He talks to you not at you, and occasionally, he makes you laugh.

You've got the idea and the programming expertise. From Program to Product will help you turn your product into profit.

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