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    Author: Ian Kingsley

    ISBN: 978-1-907756-75-7

    Publisher: New Generation Publishing

    An author who knows how to draw an array of appealing characters, inject suspense, and paint scenes with the skill of a seasoned travel writer

    Author: J.C. Hager

    Publisher: Greenstone Publishing LLC

    ISBN: 978-0-9797546-6-1

    Author: Gregg Hurwitz

    Publisher: Minotaur Books
    ISBN: 978-12501-2042-7

    Author: EleanorKuhns
    Publisher: Severn House
    ISBN: 978-0-7278-8837-2

    Author: Michael Connelly

    Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

    ISBN: 978-0-316-48480-0

    Author: Rosemary Reeve

    Publisher: Independently Published, 1996

    ISBN: 9781980960263

    Author: Laurie Stevens

    Publisher: FYD Media, LLC

    ISBN: 978-0-9970068-0-3

    Author: JP O'Donnell
    Publisher: Outskirts Press
    ISBN: 978-1-9772-0177-5

    Pulse Of My Heart, the third in JP O'Donnell's Gallagher Series, once again features Daniel Cormac Gallagher Jr. who appears to have nine lives. O'Donnell combines a titillating organized thriller plot with a fearless hard-boiled tough character, who danger is his middle name.

    Author: DavidCarlson

    ISBN: 978-1-60381-393-8 (PB)

    ISBN: 978-1-60381-394-5 (eBook)

    Author: David Carlson

    Publisher: Coffee Town Press, 2018,

    ISBN: 978-1-60381-393-8

    Author: CarlBrookins
    Publisher: Brookins Books LLC
    ISBN: 978-0-9969991-0-6

    Carl Brookins has created an interesting crime-fighting duo, Marjorie Kane and Alan Lockem. They are married, live in Minneapolis, and sound as if they are in their late 50s, early 60s. Marjorie is an exceptionally well-preserved former stripper. Lockem is a "private consultant," whatever that means. He's not a PI. "Some people call him a salvage expert." In any case, the two help people in trouble.

    Author:Michael Pronko

    Publisher: Raked Gravel Press 2018

    ISBN: 978-1-9422410-16-4

    With his recent tome, The Moving Blade: A Tokyo Mystery Michael Pronko has given his readers a great deal to chew on and digest. He has crafted a yarn that includes a well-respected American diplomat and expert on Japanese American relations, a corrupt member of Japan's bicameral legislature or as it is referred to as The National Diet, the transporting of nuclear waste as a result of the powerful earthquake and tsunami that crippled Japan's Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, and the international agreement between the USA and Japan known as the Status of Forces Agreement or SOFA which governs facilities and areas granted to the USA as well as the status of US armed forces in Japan. And thrown in for good measure are a few murders that seem to be interlinked.

    Author: MargaretMizushima
    Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
    ISBN: 978-1-62593-381-0

    Killing Trail is Margaret Mizushima's first Timber Creek K-9 mystery. I wanted to read it because I enjoyed the fourth in the series, Burning Ridge. In Killing Trail we are introduced to Deputy Mattie Cobb who has just completed twelve weeks of training with Robo, the county's new police service dog. We meet Cole Walker, Timber Creek's only veterinarian, whose wife has left him and their two daughters. We meet the town's sheriff, Abraham McCoy, and another deputy, Brody, who resents Mattie because she beat him in the competition to become the town's K-9 officer. We also meet Detective Stella LoSasso who is called in from the county seat to take charge of the investigation of the crime and who, by book four, is living in Timber Creek.

    AUTHOR: Rhys Bowen

    PUBLISHER: Berkley

    ISBN: 978-042528352

    I’ve been half in love with Lady Georgiana Rannoch since the first book in the series about ten years ago. She is part of the British royal family in the 1930s. In the first book, I believe she was number 31 in succession to the throne. By this 12th novel in the series, she’s number 35. She is sufficiently unimportant in the royal scheme of things that through the book series, she’s been a penniless house guest at a variety of homes of friends and relatives. She often has to try to work for a living. When you are raised as a royal aristocrat but do not inherit money and haven’t yet married, you don’t have much in the way of job skills, so working is difficult.

    AUTHOR: Donna Andrews

    PUBLISHER: Minotaur Books

    ISBN: 978-1250115478

    Author: MargaretMizushima
    Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
    ISBN: 978-168331-778-4

    Burning Ridge is Margaret Mizushima's fourth Timber Creek K-9 mystery and the first I've read. It's a police procedural with an interesting cop—Sheriff's Deputy Mattie Cobb and her German shepherd K-9 partner Robo who work out of small Colorado town. Mattie is romantically involved with the widowed local veterinarian Cole Walker, and the narrative shifts from Mattie to Cole and back, sometimes in the same chapte

    Author: Cara Black
    Publisher: Soho Press, Inc.
    ISBN: 978-1-61695-678-3

    I would like to write about Cara Black's Murder on the Quai in such a way that it does not discourage mystery readers from picking up the book, which is a creditable effort, but also explains why I have difficulties with certain mysteries.

    Author:Michael Carlon

    Publisher: Michael Carlon

    ISBN: 978-0-692-76075-8

    Author: N. A. Granger

    Publisher: Copper Ledge, Inc.

    ISBN: 13-978069210470

    Author: AnnieHogsett
    Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
    ISBN: 978-1-4642-0-9994

    Annie Hogsett sets up an interesting situation for her "Somebody's Bound to Wind Up Dead Mystery" series. In the first book, Too Lucky to Live, (which I have not read and which is not necessary to read to enjoy Murder to the Metal), Thomas Bennington III a blind professor at Cleveland's Case-Western Reserve University buys a lottery ticket to show a young friend that it's a waste of money and unfortunately wins the $550,000,000 MondoMegaJackpot. At that point, Tom has already met Alice (Allie) Jane Harper, who narrates both books. Complications ensue.

    Author: Terrence McCauley

    Publisher: Polis Books

    ISBN: 978-1-947993-05-1

    AUTHOR: Laurie R. King

    PUBLISHER: Bantam Books

    ISBN: 978-0804177962 Hardcover

    ISBN: 978-0804177979 E-book

    Author: Andy Siegel

    Publisher: Rockwell Press,
    ISBN: 978-1-98155-332-7

    AUTHOR: Jenn McKinlay

    PUBLISHER: Berkley Prime Crime

    ISBN: 978-0399583834

    Author: Andy Siegel

    Publisher: Rockwell Press

    ISBN: 978-1-9815-5337-2

    Author: Ellison Cooper

    Publisher: Minotaur Books

    ISBN: 978-1-250-18736-9

    Author: Solange Ritchie

    Publisher: Stony Hill Publishers

    ISBN: 978-1-947835-03-0

    If you enjoy reading psychological thrillers about serial killers and pyromaniacs, Solange Ritchie's novel, Firestorm is a “doozy,” with one caveat,  if you have a queasy stomach, this one may not be your cup of tea.

    Author: Elena Hartwell

    Publisher: Camel Press

    ISBN: 978-1-60381-727-1

    AUTHOR: Becky Clark

    PUBLISHER: Midnight Ink

    ISBN: 978- 0-7387-5332-4

    Author: Samuel Marquis

    Publisher: Mount Sopris Publishing (February 6, 2018)
    ASIN: B078YMVZ8F

    AUTHOR: M. C. Beaton

    PUBLISHER: Grand Central Publishing

    ISBN: 978-1455558315 Hardcover

    ISBN: 978-1455558339 E-book

    Author: Donna Marie Nowak with an Introduction by Stefanie Powers

    Publisher: BearManor Media (February 1, 2018)
    ISBN-10: 1629332550

    ISBN-13: 978-1629332550

    Author: Will Thomas

    Publisher: Touchstone 

    ISBN: 0-7432-5619-0

    Author: Gregg Hurwitz

    Publisher: Minotaur Books
    ISBN: 978-1-250-11917-9

    Author: Laura Oles

    Publisher: Red Adept

    ISBN-10: 0615816312; ISBN-13: 978-0615816319

    Author: Cliff Protzman

    Publisher: Mill City Press

    Published: October 2017

    ISBN: 978-1545607145

    ASIN: B0765VNM1K

    Author: Craig Johnson

    Publisher: Viking Penguin

    ISBN: 0-670-03467-3

    Author: Eleanor Kuhns

    Publisher: Minotaur Books
    ISBN: 978-1-250-09335-6

    Author: Leonard Goldberg

    Series: The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Book 1)

    Publisher: Minotaur Books; First Edition (June 6, 2017)

    ISBN-10: 1250101042

    ISBN-13: 978-1250101044

    Author: Ann Cleeves

    Publisher: Minotaur Books (St. Martin's Press)

    ISBN: 978-0-312-38434-0

    Author: Pamela Samuels Young

    Publisher: Goldman House Publishing, 2017

    ISBN: 978-1-5305-2897-4

    Author: Jeremy DeConcini

    Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
    ASIN: B075Y976D7

    Author: Rebecca Marks

    Publisher: Black Opal Books

    ISBN:  978-1-626947-49-8

    Author: Rob Nunn

    Publisher: MX Publishing; 1 edition (September 18, 2017)
    Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

    ASIN: B075RDHN2Z

    ISBN: 978-1787051744

    Author: Joel Gordonson

    Publisher: Select Books

    ISBN: 978-1-59079-430-2

    Author: Mike Papantonio

    Publisher: Select Books Inc.

    ISBN: 978-1-59079-436-4

    Author: Ronald Webber

    Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

    ISBN: 978-1-5107-1924-5

    Author: Karen Dionne

    Publisher: GP Putnam and Sons

    ISBN: 978-0-7352-1300-5

    Author: Michael Stanley

    Publisher: HarperCollins

    ISBN: 978-0-06-125240-2

    Author: Piu Eatwell.

    Publisher: Liveright; 1 edition (October 10, 2017)
    ISBN-10: 1631492268
         ISBN-13: 978-1631492266

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