Author: Darden North

Publisher: Word Crafts Press

ISBN:  978-0-9989416-0-8

Darden North, author of The Five Manners of Death, is a physician from the Mississippi Delta. (2017, back cover) He is married and has two dogs. To learn more about this author please visit

There are several main characters to this thriller. Doctor Bratton, her ex husband Alex Bratton, her business associate Brad Cummins, her aunt Phoebe, Winston Ivy, her daughter Kelsey, a couple of police chiefs and lesser characters. The novel flashes between the later 1960’s class of students at Ole Miss and the present day. During the 1960’s all of the students at Ole miss pretty much knew eachother according to this novel. Then, it was a smallish school and the students interacted for many events and shared several classes because there were fewer majors than there are today. If they did not personally know one another they certainly knew of one another and most spent time in their cliques.

The book opens with a land removal or moving crew unearthing a dead man’s body, skull first. Then, moves to Doctor Bratton caring for her aunt Phoebe who has pneumonia. On their way to the hospital a neighbor falls dead in the street and Doctor Bratton nearly runs over him. Apparently, he held a sheet of paper that had The Five Manners of Death written on it. What does that mean and how does it connect what transpires? Soon, Doctor Bratton finds herself embroiled in an investigation that appears to implicate her aunt in some form or fashion, but she finds this too incredible to believe.

As the plot moves forward more bodies turn up. All dead from another of the five manners. Is this coincidence, happenstance, or something more? Diana Bratton sets out to find out and invites Doctor Cummins to, off and on, assist her in this journey to seek truth. Soon they learn that Phoebe and Ivy and Alex have something in common. They are lying and this propels Diana to dig deeper. She tries to place what exactly it is or how it ties them together and why. Clues emerge and are written off, which keeps the trail cold. Will she find the truth? Will more people die?

I really enjoyed reading this book and I believe you will too. It was a regular page turner and the plot took numerous twists and turns right up until the very end. Who really killed these people and why? What secret needed such protection that people had to die to keep it? Read it and you will find out!