Author: Andy Siegel

Publisher: Rockwell Press,
ISBN:  978-1-98155-332-7

Andy Siegel, author of Elton’s Case, is himself an accident and medical malpractice attorney in the state of New York. (2018, Back cover) He graduated from Tulane (undergrad) and Brooklyn Law School (J.D.). Siegel sits on the Board of Directors for the state of New York Trial Lawyers Association and the Brain Injury Association of New York.

Siegel writes his books from the legal perspective of Tug Wyler, a fictional accident and malpractice attorney. Wyler, not as successful, at least not initially, as Attorney Siegel, has a patron partner who provides him with some colorful clients. His name is Henry.

Elton is the newest client for Tug. Elton is confined to a wheelchair because of an accident that supposedly took place while he was incarcerated. Thus, Elton is suing to the tune of six million dollars with hopes that the City will pay up. Elton was a special client referred from Henry so Tug is compelled to do all he can to ensure he gets the monies he is due.

Sylvia is another client that Tug has recently acquired. She is an elderly lady, but quite poised and elegant. She may have been medically malpracticed for three decades according to what she tells Tug. Tug believes, after much research into this ailment, this case should be a slam dunk, but is it?

As Tug prepares for his cases there is clues dropped by the City that Elton may be faking his injuries and as such they are requesting a series of in-depth tests to ensure that he is either a fake or not before proceeding to the courtroom. Tug has misgivings, but believes that Elton is not faking his injuries and continues to pursue that line of logic as the hands of the City make offers to settle before the court date. Elton and Henry turn all such offers down.

In the case of Sylvia Tug has looked toward experts on the topic of what is amiss with her health and finds that she is completely fine physically, but mentally it will take some time to catch up. He devises a plan to determine if the doctor who treated her was simply a quack or did this on purpose. IT backfires.

I do not want to give too much away here in this review. If you like a fast paced read with lots of twists and turns where noting is quite as it appears on the surface this is a must! I loved it and will definitely read more of Andy Siegel’s books.