Author: Todd Moss

Publisher: G. P. Putnam’s Sons

ISBN: 978-0-399-17594-7

Free money wouldn’t we a love if someone emailed us and said that we are entitled to some money from an estate of a person who we never met. Scams like this are not uncommon and receiving an email that says you inherited money from someone  you know you never met or is no relation to you, should send up  a red warning flag to delete sending it to cyber heaven. Jason Saunders is in debt up to his eyeballs from some deals that went sour for his company and gambling debts that set him back quite a bit of money. So when he receives an email for some free money and not just thousands, millions, he takes the bait and winds up getting off the plane and kidnapped but by who and why? Judd and Jessica Ryker have an unusual marriage comprised of what she calls “rules of engagement,” that they both have to follow when dealing with their specific jobs. Her job is head of a covert unit at the CIA called Purple Cell and his is a SCRU or Crisis Recovery Unit each with their own specific specialties. Judd is working on something specific when asked to drop everything to find Jason Sanders but who has him and exactly where is this young man and why doesn’t he think it's an important assignment? Forced to take on this job by an influential congressman pressing his own boss he has no choice to enlist some help. Jessica called the Bear who is a Russian mobster aka monster who is working out of St. Petersburg but whose network and criminal organization is worldwide claiming to handle and sell toilet paper and vodka to heron and prostitutes.  

Someone is targeting high profile people and the fact that Jason Saunders is missing seems to be taking a back seat to Nigerian basketball player on the Brooklyn Nets, Tunde Babatunde, who has been kidnapped and offers money to his captors but they want much more. Attacks on the oil platform off the Nigerian coast by pirates and no one lives to tell it. But, someone has to pose as the dangerous contract killer Queen Sheba and who better than Jessica Ryker for the job. Heading for Russian while Judd heads for Nigeria she has to bring down the Bear. Told she has no choice but to meet with the Bear and lure him into the web our government has set, will she survive and come home to her family while Judd is on a mission there too to get the basketball player back.

Funke Kanju an Internet  television star and for some reason she is expendable too and one whatever short or long list that has been created she is targeted why?

Things take on a huge spiral turn when Judd asks for someone’s help in order to complete his mission but first he requests from his superior to make sure that Judge Bola Akinola is protected and that nothing happens to him who has received some serious threats and Langton Parker, Judd’s superior is asked to make sure that he is protected even if it means talking to the Nigerian Ambassador and asking for a favor. Even though he’s supposed to concentrate on finding the basketball player he moves in a different direction while Jessica is in Russia hoping to foil the Bear. From Langley to Lagos to Saint Petersburg and Nigeria the tension is high as the oil industry is at stake with barrels stolen and Judd having to table the crisis in the South China Sea for a missing person or two. As the crisis manager he has no choice put to comply but he’s doing it his way. Meeting with Akinola was enlighten to both Isabella and Judd but why did he claim that he could get the basketball player back without a ransom. Putting him in contact with a man who calls him Coyote he learned about the 419 scams and how the operation runs. Jessica manages to meet with the Bear and take down some of his men the scene was priceless and the end result lets you know she is not one to fool with ever.

How many fall for the promise of a huge cash payout and receive these bogus emails and answer them? Added in the judge is now in hiding because he is being accused of misappropriating certain funds but is that for real too? Yet, there is still no sign of Jason Saunders and no one knows where he is being held.

Here is where the two cases intersect when Jessica’s main operative Sunday finds information on the judge and realizes that he is looking into her target for Judd.
With Sunday explaining about the Nigeria flare up and that oil producing region was a maze of swamps and creeks which is a hot spot for armed groups and the Niger Delta militants gained their own spotlight after they began sabotaging pipelines and kidnapping workers. But, who is behind all of this?

When certain hidden truths come out about the emails and Coyote, Judd learns from someone close to him who the big boss named Oga is and that is a game changer all around. Is Bola Akinola really into corruption and was is arrest justified? Who else is on the target of shadow list? Where is Jason Saunders and what is his connection to the hedge fund and the man behind the 419 emails and what about the owner of the Brooklyn Nets and his connection to someone high up in government and Harvey Holden? An ending that will leave you wondering what is the fate of both Jessica and Judd as the author brilliantly leaves the reader hanging wondering when their two phones ring what their fate will be.