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By Norm Goldman
Published on February 26, 2019

Author:Rick Pullen

Publisher: k»ćehlerbooks

ISBN: 978-1-63393-724-6

Author: Rick Pullen

Publisher: k»ćehlerbooks

ISBN: 978-1-63393-724-6

Best-selling author Rick Pullen's, Naked Truth, a thriller excursion into the world of Washington politics is jump-started when the U.S. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Nino Castiglia is found dead in his room at a private Texas resort after having a tryst with a blond prostitute, who goes under the name of Denise Fiori.

Castiglia was supposed to meet at the resort with Beck Rikki, a former investigative journalist, who has an unusual quirk, he talks to a red chair in this apartment whenever he tries to work out a problem. When the judge does not show up for his morning appointment with Rikki, he becomes concerned and summons the manager to open the judge's room where the judge's body is discovered.

Rikki had no idea why the judge wanted to meet with him and is not convinced that the judge had died of natural causes as had been presumed. The previous night, he saw several influential attorneys and politicians meeting with Castiglia, and now they were in a great hurry to leave the resort. Rikki also noticed his old buddy, Jackson Oliver, an attorney, sneak into the judge's room after the body was removed. He wondered why the judge was so concerned that he invited him to talk about something privately in a public place. What was this about?

With his journalistic instincts, Rikki smells something not right and all was not as it appears. Remembering spotting the judge the night before with the blond prostitute, he decides to chase her down to find out what she knew and what happened.

Rikki manages to track down Denise who is not very keen on talking to him and soon after he is mugged. Incidentally, Rikki soon discovers that Denise has a twin sister, Cara who will play a shocking role in the plot.

His girlfriend, Geneva, who is the former wife of the President of the USA, comes to his rescue after the beating he experienced, and as we will discover, she is not who she pretends to be and has all kinds of skeletons in her closet.

Woven into the plot is a mysterious secret group of powerful individuals called the Renaissance Circle whose purpose was to eliminate the extremes on both ends of the political spectrum, the left-wing Democrats and the right-wing Republicans. It was to be a silent coup involving the appointment of a replacement for Castiglia who would be supportive of their objectives.

Naked Truth is a dizzy journey into a complicated plot, and Pullen is not shy of sprinkling the narrative with all kinds of obscure characters and themes. It is a tautly-paced story of sexual and political intrigue where suspense is maintained through to the surprising ending. We never know what and who is hiding behind the next curve in the road, and as mentioned on the back cover of the book, “Beck is relentless in pursuing the truth. Yet, as he peels back the layers, he is unaware of the sleight of hand diverting his path.”