Author: Mike Papantonio

Publisher: Select Books Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-59079-436-4

Mike Papantonio, author of Law And Vengeance, has written three prior novels. (2017, back cover; Air America, The Playbook, and Law And Disorder) He is a practicing attorney/partner at the law firm Levin Papantonio which is the largest plaintiff’s law firm in the USA. Papantonio is also President of the National Trial Lawyers Association and was one of the youngest ever to be inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame. He has been interviewed on major television networks and been guest on numerous other shows.

There are a few major characters in this book; Gine, Bryan, Deke, Ivan, Angus, and Cara most notable. The book opens up with a sad cop story where one cop accidentally shoots her partner while in pursuit of a perp. Suspicions lie with the gun sight, but end there as the manufacturer of that gun sight has tentacles across the globe. Internal Affairs at the PD says to call it human error. The cop, a woman and mother, is tortured because she knows the truth and feels paralyzed that there is nothing she can do.

Halfway across the world a soldier is on patrol in Afghanistan when his gun accidentally hits a friendly. He knows in his heart of hearts that he did not fire his gun in the direction of this elderly gentleman who came to him in friendship with his grandson. Again, this tragic shooting is deemed a misfire or accidentally shooting.

Eventually, this seemingly unconnected string of shooting errors gets turned over to the law firm Bergman-Deketomis for consideration as to its merits in a law suit. Just as the firm as decided this case may merit their research and representation one of the partners is killed in what appears to be an accident involving alcohol. However, Gina and Angus had previously been lovers and just began a discussion about this potential case. Angus was giving Gina a ride home when this accident occurred so Gina knows it was no accident regardless of what it is being called. She pledges to get the person or persons responsible for this tragic death of her friend and ex-lover. However, she is pretty bad physical shape because Angus told her at the last minute to jump out of his car as it was moving along the roadway. His last words are something she tries to recall, but it all happened so fast that she has a hard time placing exactly what his final words were. As she recovers in the hospital and regains her senses she pieces together snippets of the puzzle that left Angus dead. She believes it has something to do with the gun sight called sight clops, but is nowhere near being able to prove that.

Was Angus killed because he got too close to this huge gun and ammo manufacturer? Is Gina right or wrong? If she is right, can she prove it? Read it and see. I enjoyed this book very much and believe you will too!