Click Here To Purchase And/Or Find Out More About The Farm Fires: Firehouse Family Series: Book Three

Author: Laurie Loveman

ISBN: 1-59109-432-1

Two divorced strangers meet over a maggot-infested body during the Great Depression. Can romance be far behind? Freddy Pratter, divorced and determined to stay single, becomes acquainted with  Glynis Hampton, a recent divorcee, and their shared love of photography draws them together. Glynis, with her two children, has returned to her family farm in Dalebridge to put her life back together. She is reunited with her lifelong friend Laura Darvey, who is eager to have Glynis help teach riding lessons at her stable.

The tranquility of the rural scene is disrupted by a series of barn fires, known to be arson. Is it the desperate act of bankrupt farmers, burning buildings rather than allowing banks to repossess and sell them? Could it be wanton destruction by vandals? Carelessness by vagrants? The fruits of vicious anti-Semitism? The more fires Freddy Pratter investigates, the more convinced he is that these parties are not to blame. The identity of the arsonist remains maddeningly elusive until the predator focuses his attention on Glynis’ father’s farm. While arson threatens area farms and lives, ghosts from the past threaten to derail the growing relationship between Glynis and Freddie.

Laurie Loveman tightly wove intrigue and romance into the fabric of a skillfully-paced story that commanded my attention from start to finish. Loveman’s characters are strong and well-developed, people I feel I know. The Depression-era setting is a perfect backdrop for the unfolding drama, and helped the author spin the subplots that drive the action. I felt the pain that the decaying economy inflicted on all segments of society, the stress faced by farmers on the brink of losing their farms and the tension created by some unscrupulous activists. This third book in the Firehouse Family Series leaves readers waiting impatiently for Laurie Loveman’s next novel.

Click Here To Purchase And/Or Find Out More About The Farm Fires: Firehouse Family Series: Book Three