Author: Sophie Gunn

ISBN: 9780446561990

Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

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Author Sophie Gunn is a pseudonym for award-winning author Diana Holquist, but while Diana writes fast-paced romantic comedies set in big cities, Sophie writes more down-to-earth, emotional stories set in small towns. Both of them, however, live just outside Philadelphia with two kids, two cats, and just one husband. This is the first title for Sophie Gunn, with Sweet Kiss of Summer as book two in this Enemy Club series coming soon. Titles for Diana Holquist include: How to Tame a Modern Rogue, Hungry for More, and Sexiest Man Alive.

Single mom Lizzie Bea Carpenter learned long ago that there was no white knight coming to save her. As a hard-working waitress in a local diner, she's trying to raise her teenage daughter to be as independent as she herself had to be. But part of Lizzie wishes she did have a man's help, if for no other reason than to fix up her family's home, which is in dyer need of repairs. The "Enemy Club"-- high school rivals turned best friends, who promise to tell the truth and nothing but-- someone gets Lizzie to state her wish aloud. In steps Dante "Tay" Giovanni. He's aloof, sexy, and offers his assistance with no strings attached. But Tay is in her small town for one reason-- to try to overcome a recent tragedy in his past. But the past has a fierce grip, and unless they both learn to let go, neither will ever find true happiness.

I've enjoyed Diana Holquist's books in the past, and was curious to see the softer side in Sophie Gunn. I was not disappointed. This book was a lot slower paced than expected, but in no way was it boring. Rest assured for Diana's fans, her quick-witted humor does poke through.

There were two things about this book that stood out after reading. The Enemy Club for one. I love the idea alone, but put into action was downright funny, endearing, and intriguing. The second book, Sweet Kiss of Summer, follows Nina, and I am looking very forward to it. The other was the hero, Tay. For a guy with a traumatizing past, and now left with emotional baggage, he had humor without being over-broody. Very well done. I love the small town feel to this book, as the setting was perfect. The secondary characters made the book pop. And the subplot and secondary conflicts were just riveting. Highly recommended.

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