Author: Jackie Collins

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (2013)

ISBN: 978-0-312-56747-7

Expectations abound when the author is Jackie Collins and The Power Trip does not disappoint. Readers looking for her signature glitz, glamour, and sexcapades will not be disappointed by her latest book. It’s hard to find fault with a story that has it all: a plot line infused with these essential elements as well as danger and true love. The book should captivate both long-time fans and new readers of this veteran author.

Pulsing with tension, the primary action occurs on an elegantly appointed yacht on its maiden voyage in the Sea of Cortez. For the six special couples aboard, languid days are interrupted by outings to deserted islands where sumptuous picnics are served. Collins hones in on the interconnected lives of the high rollers—how their paths have crossed in the past and now result in conflict from rubbing elbows in the close quarters of the ship.

Pampered and indulged, the elite are unaware of the plot against the yacht’s owner, Russian billionaire Aleksandr Kasianenko, and the cruise’s trajectory into real danger. When the action erupts, true personalities emerge, and true feelings are revealed.

But until then, the interplay happens in and out of the bedrooms, with claws bared and in subtle digs. Kasianenko’s girlfriend, supermodel Bianca, has a history with football stud Taye Sherwin, now married to the buxom Ashley. Ashley’s got eyes for the mature but handsome Hollywood star Cliff Baxter, who is accompanied by beautiful but unconnected girlfriend Lori. Lori becomes the target of the predatory senator, Hammond Patterson, who himself is jealous of wife’s past with another guest, Flynn Hudson. Flynn brings along a platonic friend, Xuan, a woman who has no trouble relating to their powerful Russian host. And for good measure, Bianca’s longtime gay friend, the singing sensation Luca Perez, is half of the sixth couple. His partner, the haughty Jeromy Milton-Gold, also happens to be in a business partnership with Ashley Sherwin. Once the reader is introduced to the group, the inimitable Collins does a good job of making the connections crackle with electricity.

Leading the life of a billionaire power broker opens the door to many opportunities for corruption and double-dealings, and that is where the antagonist Sergei Zukov comes in. He’s the vengeful brother bent on seeing that the man responsible for his sibling’s death—Kasianenko—gets what he deserves.

It seems as if Collins has tantalizingly left the door open for a sequel, and that promises more of what readers have come to know and love about her books.

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