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Author: Jeanetta Brancaccio
ISBN: 9780692006979
Publisher: Tretina Printing Inc.

Ann’s Amazing Adventure is a beautifully illustrated children’s book.  The illustrator has done a wonderful job bringing the characters to life on the pages of the book. 
It is the story of a doll named Ann, and is in fact based on a true event in the author’s life that happened about 50 years ago. She lost a doll when moving house and says that she always wondered what happened to the doll and that the idea for this story had been with her for many years.  The story behind the story is intriguing in itself and makes the book extra special.
The story is written as though the doll is talking and telling her tale.  This, I’m sure, will appeal to young children. 

When Ann, the doll in the story, falls out of a car and the family she had been living with drives away to their new home, she fears that she will be alone for ever. She is soon rescued by a pet dog from another family.  The new family is very different from the family she knew and loved.  The young girl Nancy who had owned her used to let her sleep in her bed, but her new owner has many toys and less time for Ann. The doll is now placed on a shelf with lots of other toys.

Ann sits on the shelf watching her owner grow up over the years, but the underlying message is that she is grateful for a home to live in and the new friends she has made (the little girl’s other toys).
When her new owner grows up, all of her toys are bundled up and taken to a flea market to be sold. Ann once again feels alone and unloved as she is taken away from the home she had become accustomed to. However, her life changes when she is reunited with the family who had originally lost her.  They are at the flea market and they take her home with them.  Nancy now has a young daughter of her own who promptly adopts Ann.

It’s a sweet story and very well written. The different coloured writing and fully illustrated pages will make it a fun read for children.  It is the type of story that could be read to very young children, and I’m sure older children would enjoy reading it on their own.

The author has included pictures of her own family in the book with a brief background about them.

At the beginning of the book there are excerpts from reviews by third, fourth and fifth grade children who have enjoyed reading the book.

There is a lovely message behind the book: to appreciate and be grateful for everything you have been given, and to keep a place in your heart for the things and the people that make you happy.
This would make a great gift for young girls.

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