Author: Dr. Henry Cloud

ISBN: 978-1-4391-8054-9

How much would you pay to be forewarned about a giant mistake you were about to make in a relationship, career, or business? What if you could have a life coach lead you in such a way that you avoid the traps that cost thousands of dollars and years of grief? That is exactly what Never Go Back by Dr. Henry Cloud does. 

I love a good self-help book that inspires and enhances my life, so when I was offered a copy of this book in exchange for a candid review, I jumped at the chance. I am not disappointed.

Dr. Cloud is a psychologist who writes in a down-to-earth way that everyone can understand. He includes plenty of real life stories to illustrate his points and make the reading interesting. 

For example, he discusses how to handle critical person who withholds approval, an addicted person who refuses to get sober, an irresponsible person, an under-performing employee, a relationship partner who is not equally investing in the relationship, a frustrating parent, an adult child who doesn’t grow up, and a business partner or coworker who is not matching your effort.

The pages are filled with wisdom such as never go back to pleasing other people at the expense of giving up who you are; and stay mindful of what makes you a partner with God, instead of with the people who want to control you. 

I love that Dr. Cloud is coming from a view of faith and belief in God. He is never preachy, but he taps into biblical truth and recites Scripture to back his counsel. It is refreshing to read a book about positive thinking that is also aligned with God’s Word.

One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 7: “Never Again Take Your Eyes Off the Big Picture.” Dr. Cloud talks about the big crash of 2008 that affected the mortgage industry I worked for as well as so many others. When things are bottoming out, it’s easy to lose focus. He reminds us that “the one who takes the long view is the one who thrives, no matter what happens along the way.” 

In Chapter 12, he writes, “Never going back is pretty much like waking up, in all its forms.” He quotes Ephesians where it says, “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Then he goes on to explain specifically how to go through this process of awakening in your own life.

This book can be one more step in God’s journey for you, as you put the spiritual truths and Dr. Cloud’s wise counsel into practice.

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