Author: Amil Dinsio

ISBN: 9781939758040

If you happened to be taking a late evening stroll on the night of March 24, 1972 in Laguna Niguel, California, you might have walked past two of the most brilliant, most fearsome, and most elusive bank burglars in all of U.S. history. On that very evening, Amil Dinsio and his brother James were crouching in the bushes on a hill just above the United California Bank. Later, after the grocery and drug stores closed, after the bank’s cleaning crew left, they would break into the heart of the bank — the vault — on a mission to steal thirty million dollars belonging to President Nixon. Then for the “cherry on top,” they would loot as many of the personal safety deposit boxes that they could in order to take jewelry, rare coins, bonds, and other valuables they could sell.

The Dinsio brothers had been successfully burglarizing hundreds of banks since they were teens. No one had been able to figure out how they got past the security systems and into the vaults. They were masters at their craft and proud of it. Now for the first time, Amil Dinsio tells all.

When this is all over, I’ll give you a story. I’ll give you a real story,” Dinsio said to the media back in 1972. The story is now here. You won’t be disappointed. All the details are in this riveting and quick-to-read book. He even includes a detailed illustration showing exactly how they bypassed banks’ alarm systems. At the back are the actual photographs of Amil and James, the ladder going up to the alarm bell, the hole they blasted into the vault, the open safety deposit boxes, and Amil Dinsio’s lovely wife and daughters.

The author also provides a fascinating look inside the mindset of bank burglars. Their justification for stealing Tricky Dick’s money—as well as other banks’ money and the belongings of private citizens—is all explained. He also reveals how they hid the stolen money, and how they were able to spend it without getting caught.

But there’s more to the story. Dinsio and his crew are not the only criminals. What the FBI did to track them down is every bit as devious, dishonest, and illegal. Dinsio challenges you to read the story and then decide for yourself who are the bigger criminals.

I highly recommend this book for an engrossing and spellbinding look into a slice of American history.

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