Author: Pawet Sariel Kmiec

ISBN: 978-1-59327-4344

The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide gives the LEGO builder what he or she doesn’t receive from the instructions that come with the LEGO sets: an explanation, with color photos, of how things work. Rather than the customary building instructions, the author shows you component mechanisms, such as transmissions or suspension systems, which you can then incorporate into your own unique creations.

While the book was written with the modern LEGO sets in mind, it also includes material for those who have the older sets. So even if you’re an adult who loved playing with LEGOs as a kid, you’ll find something new you can use to rediscover the joy of LEGO building here.

Pawet “Sariel” Kmiec brings 20 years of Lego building to this comprehensive book. He is a prolific blogger and model builder, a guest blogger for the official LEGO Technic blog, and a 2012 LEGO Ambassador.

The book begins with the basics: speed, torque, power, friction, traction, rolling resistance, backlash, efficiency, and vehicular concepts. Then moves onto the mechanics where you’ll find gears and power transmissions, chains and pulleys, levers and linkages, pneumatic devices, and finally, how to build strong.

Part III covers motors. Then onto advanced mechanics. Part V shows form versus function, scaling a model, and the modeling process. Kmiec includes building at odd angles, building cleverly, and controlling your models.

One of my favorite parts is the instructions on how to make flashing lights using the LEGO LEDs. With this knowledge, you can go on to give your vehicle turn signals. How impressive is that?!

The clear and well-laid-out book allows plenty of room for your individual creativity, so use the inspiration and let your imagination go. This is a great manual for middle-grade and up, and is perfect for budding engineers.

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