Author: Davis Bunn

ISBN: 9781416556732

What’s better than a fast-paced, absorbing novel with realistic characters and an important theme? It’s when that same novel has been inspired by a true story. And that is exactly what three-time Christy winner and international bestselling author Davis Bunn has done in The Sign Painter. 

Amy is a single mother whose husband died of cancer two years ago. The financial devastation she faced left her and her five-year old daughter living out of a camper-truck with bald tires, rust, and an engine that is sure to give out any day. Amy wants nothing more than to have a second chance at life—to hold down a secure job and make a home for the two of them.

Lucy runs a daycare and semi-permanent shelter for the homeless. The facilities are owned by the First Methodist Church, and the church board is split down the middle on this arrangement. Half of the Christians think it would be more prudent not to get involved with this riffraff of society. The other half knows not all homeless are addicts or criminals; but rather, they are good folks who need a hand up. 

Bob Denton is the wealthy owner of Denton Chevrolet. He’s a good man who has no clue that some of his staff are cavorting with international criminals.

Paul Travers make problems go away. He is something of a mystery. He carries a gun and a Bible, and he knows how to use them both. 

Drew is a flashy car salesman who likes handling wads of cash and flirting with naturally beautiful women like Amy.

Across the street from the church is a house where ten-year olds on bicycles pass out little bags of white powder to drivers of expensive cars that stop by. Inside the house danger lurks. The DEA and the local police are at odds about how to handle the situation, and the longer they fight over it, the higher trouble mounts. It threatens the outreach of the church as the young people and the former homeless hang in the balance. 

This story is about hope, change, second chances, taking a chance, facing fear, and doing the right thing. It is exciting, entertaining, and will keep you up past your bedtime. 

Author Davis Bunn was the keynote speaker at a writers conference I attended earlier this year. I learned so much about creative writing from his presentations that when the publisher offered me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, I jumped at the chance. This is the first Davis Bunn novel I’ve read, but it won’t be my last. He has a new fan.

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