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Carolyn Warren
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By Carolyn Warren
Published on August 6, 2013

Author: Patricia Cliff
ISBN: 978-1-939561-89-5

Author: Patricia Cliff
ISBN: 978-1-939561-89-5

Patricia Cliff’s The Art of Selling Real Estate is a must-read for real estate agents and anyone who is considering making real estate a career. If you read only one book on this topic, The Art of Selling Real Estate gives more expert insight, more practical advice you can use in today’s challenging market, and more ways to achieve lasting financial security. Let’s look at each of these three in more depth.

Expert Insight: When taking career advice, it is imperative to look at the author’s credentials. There are far too many so-called gurus who dish out advice on real estate or mortgages when they have never sold a house or done a loan themselves. Having a college degree in finance or selling stocks does not qualify one to write a book on real estate; invariably those who do end up giving bad or inaccurate information. By contrast, Patricia Cliff has been selling real estate for more than 35 years, which took her through every type of market. She is a Senior Vice President at The Corcoran Group—yes, that’s Barbara Corcoran on The Shark Tank. Furthermore, Cliff consistently achieved ranking as a top sales agent nationally.

Practical Advice: Oddly enough, earning a real estate license does not include a course on how to price or negotiate terms of a sale. Cliff goes beyond the standard market analysis by making pricing an art. For example, in urban centers where living in a multi-family high rise is common, pricing should include date and style of the architecture, amenities and their cost, how many units are owner-occupied and how many owners are in default on their mortgage or association dues, and even which celebrity or captain of industry lives in the building. Thus, two twin buildings might sell for different prices once the hidden facts are revealed.

Cliff also tells you how to sell in a declining market, how to work with loan officers, how to work with cash buyers, how to handle difficult clients, when to let a client go, how to locate and hire a great assistant, and more. All the secrets of the most successful Realtors are here.

Financial Security: At some point, you’ll want to retire from working in the field, and at that point, you need to have a plan in place. Cliff explains how to make an exit strategy, how to buy investment properties for continued income, and how to set yourself up for long-term financial security.

I found The Art of Selling Real Estate to be interesting reading. Patricia Cliff has a smart yet personal writing style. This book gets my highest recommendation.


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