Author: Toni Tuso Faber

Illustrator: Benton Rudd

ISBN: 978-0-9897168-2-6


The inspiration for The Modeling Poo came from author Toni Tuso Faber’s real life. At age 13, she began her own modeling career, and then went on to win over 17 beauty pageant titles, including Miss California in the Miss World Contest. And now, her own standard poodle is competing in a modeling contest for dogs.

This is book nine in the series, so the first page references previous plots; however, you needn’t have read other books to enjoy this one. It starts out:


            The twelve poodle puppies growing older every week,

            Had now received their first poo cuts, each looking very chic.

            Each and every poodle just loved their Talent Show.

            Eager for the next act, the girl who next would be ready to go.


The story goes on to tell about the this next act, the modeling gig. The main character, who isn’t given a name, models two gowns and then for the finale, a pink polka dot bikini. She feels a bit shy at first, but nevertheless, becomes a fashion star on the runway. After winning, she shares her accessories with all the other poos, showing generosity and sensitivity to the happiness of others.


The story ends with the life lesson: You can do anything no matter who you are. 

My favorite part of this book is the illustrations. Benton Rudd has drawn delightful poodles in colorful outfits for every page.

Personally, I found some of the rhymes to contain duplicate words, such as the repetition of the word next in the first stanza above. I also found awkward meter. But perhaps that is being a bit picky for a children’s book. 

I asked two girls, ages 9 and 11, to read the book and then tell me how they liked it. Both of them came back to me with big smiles as they said, “It’s great! I loved it.” And, “I’d give it 5 stars!”

Then I had the 11-year old read aloud it to a six-year old. After the story, the six-year old said, “Will you read it to me again?” 

That is the ultimate compliment, coming from the target audience: “Read it to me again.” I know this girl would love to have other books in The Poodle Tales as well, so this gives me an idea for her upcoming birthday. Beware: like eating just one chip, it’s going to be hard to stop after reading just one book in this series that is a delight for children.

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