Author: Craig W. Fruth



Nathan's Quest takes place in a time of great heroes and evil villains. The fictional Kingdom of Erasunium is soon to be attacked by their most formidable enemy yet, one with charisma and seemingly magical powers. Yet in this calamity, an unlikely hero emerges that redefines what it means to be gallant.

The story itself opens with a conversation between a court jester and his 12-year old son, Nathan. Nathan abhors the idea of making a spectacle of himself in front of the court—especially the lovely Princess Megan—for the sake of entertainment. Nathan is smart, sensitive, and values honor and self-respect. The last thing he wants is to be a comedian. He longs to be a knight and fight a noble war for God and the Kingdom.

But his father reminds him that it is his duty to perform for the king and that he should be grateful their family has this employment when so many others have less. With the poignant scene that follows, the reader meets the hero and heroine.

In the second chapter, the action ramps up with the raids: “Along the western border, trouble was about to change many lives and end one… It was late spring when the raids along the border began. Raids were not uncommon on the borders, but this was something new. Warriors like these, never having been seen before, were attacking the villages in the Western Kingdom. Warriors dressed in crimson robes and wearing masks of horrible, fearsome visage were doing terrible deeds of barbarism…designed to strike terror into the hearts of the villagers.” 

Additional interesting characters are introduced: Bernard, a good and gentle king; Erin his foppish prince who becomes engaged to the lovely Princess Megan; Prince Gerard the army leader; Shinnen the king’s brother; King Onsworth; Moleena, the daughter of darkness and a witch, as well as others.

I won’t give away any surprises, but I will say that readers won’t be disappointed or letdown at the end. I love a story with drama and a great ending, and Fruth delivers. 

I appreciate that the book includes a list of all the characters in the story as well as a map of the kingdoms. 

The author’s field of study include ancient history, theology, poetry, and writing (as well as music). 

I recommend this book for readers who enjoy stories about knights, wars, ruthless enemies, a lovely princess, an unlikely hero, and complex drama with a touch of romance.

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