Author: Glory Albin

ISBN:  9781462113286

I have a new favorite dessert cookbook! Glorious Layered Desserts is truly glorious and a “must” for any cook’s collection. For that person in your life who has everything, this book would make a perfect gift, because every time he or she creates one of these fantastic desserts, they will think of you.

Layered desserts are truly a “show off” dessert. When served properly in glass, the visual effect of the colorful layers is almost too pretty to eat. Don’t worry if you don’t already own fancy containers; on the Resources page, the author shows all of the cups, glasses, and jars she used in the book and where to get them. Options range from Walmart to Crate and Barrel to your local thrift shop. 

Each page includes a gorgeous photograph corresponding to the recipe. Instructions are well-laid out and super easy to follow.

One of the things I love about this book is the “Time-Saving Options” page. Glory Albin lists which desserts can be made in advance up to one week, several days, or one day; and which desserts should be made and served within the hour. With this handy list, you don’t have to go paging through on a hunt for something that will fit your timeline. 

On the “Special Diets” page, there are handy lists of which recipes are most easily adaptable to gluten-free, sugar-free, and egg-free, so no one has to be left out.

A few of my personal favorites: The Chocolate Mint Crunch is the perfect balance of indulgent and refreshing. When served in individual glasses, it shows off layers of deep chocolate, medium chocolate, and mint green. 

Make the Mango Lime Coconut Cheesecake, add sunshine, and you’ll think you’re on a tropical island. This one would be perfect for a Hawaiian-themed party.

The Summer Berry Trifle is red, white, and blue: perfect for Independence Day or any other summer barbecue. 

Fresh Fruit Cheesecake Mousse layers red, green, orange, and blue with white. You’ve really got to see it to appreciate how healthy and pretty it looks! 

Also included are from-scratch recipes for Fudge Brownies, Oatmeal Nut Crumble, Pumpkin Spice Cake, Sugared Nuts, Vanilla Sponge Cake, and more, for those who don’t want to use boxed recipes in their layers.

Glory Albin’s creative expertise has landed her on The Martha Stewart Show,, The Oprah Blog,, Parenting magazine, and countless other publications and website. Millions of fans have been drawn to her website, and this book leaves no doubt as to why. Whether you need a quick and easy recipe or an impressive dessert for a special occasion, Glorious Layered Desserts has you covered!

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