Author: Megan Rothrock

ISBN: 9781-59327-442-9


Let your imagination run wild with The LEGO Adventure book: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs & More! This is a big, impressive book that every Lego lover is going to want to get their hands on. All 200 pages are filled with large, glossy, colorful photographs to inspire and amaze.

The first chapter shows you, step by step, how to set up a home base. The LEGO avatar, Megs, says she’s calling it the idea lab. Then it’s on to the LEGO town. Here Megs meets Craig, the aircraft parts manager. He shows Megs (and the reader) how to build a San Francisco-style cable car, coffee shop, zoo buggy, bridge, two-story house, and garage. The house could be a bakery or store instead—it’s all up to you.

Once the garage is done, you’re ready for hot rods and cool rides. These are impressive vehicles, complete with exposed engines to show off your craftsmanship.

Do you prefer flying? You won’t be disappointed as Jon demonstrates how to construct the Skywolf, Gryphon, Scarlet Fury, Viper, Skyhammer, and Steel Wind. Jon offers a good building tip: “Make sure that your minifigure can fit into the cockpit before you build too much of your place!”

Throughout the book, helpful building tips guide the LEGO builder. For example, in the chapter showing how to build the action figure Counterbalance, the tip says, “Of course, your mecha doesn’t have to have two identical arms. How about adding a rocket pod or a power sword instead?”

Each chapter is designed by a different avatar, which are representations of the actual LEGO enthusiast from an international community.

This book has something for everyone. If you prefer medieval, there’s a whole village, complete with hilltop tower, castle, market, woodsman’s cottage, and even a stagecoach.

There’s so much more, but you get my drift. Everything from a train to a thinking tower is here. Your creativity is guaranteed to be bumped up with the abundance of ideas. Whether you’re new to LEGO building or an experienced engineer, you’ll be delighted. Both my husband and our grandson loved this book. I suggest picking up at least two: one for yourself and one to give as a gift.

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