Authors: Nathanael Kuipers and Mattia Zamboni

ISBN: 978-1-59327-503-7

The Amazing Vehicles book in The Lego Build-It Book series is off-the-charts for fun, creativity, and simplicity. Yes, simplicity! Author Nathanael Kuipers and illustrator Mattia Zamboni have put together a brilliant set of ten cool models that you can build using common Lego pieces. There’s no need to run out and buy extra fancy or techie pieces to make any or all of these amazing vehicles.

The book opens with a page showing all the parts used to make the models. An illustrated friendly guide named George says, “If you are missing a few pieces, don’t worry! Be creative and replace them with something similar or build in a different color!”

Each page is done in full, brilliant color. The illustrations are step-by-step, large, and easy to follow. George the Guide offers occasional tips along the way. For example, George shows how two simple Lego parts can be used to construct engine pistons, shock absorbers, auto chairs and side mirrors, springs, a logo for the grille, exhaust pipes, or a license plate. He’s brilliant!

Each of the ten vehicles is rated for complexity (how difficult the model is to build), functions (how many working functions it has), and pieces (how many pieces are needed). The first model, an off-roader, is rated easy while the last model, the rescue truck, is the most complex in the collection. A side box provides design notes, technical specifications, and features. Nothing is missing from the clear and easy-to-follow instructions. For kids who don’t do much reading, they can follow by using the colorful illustrations alone. Plus, there is not much to read anyway.

My personal favorite model is the muscle car, because it reminds me of my real life Mustang. This one is a red convertible with a wide white stripe. After the fun of constructing the car, I can see much more fun in “driving” it around or putting it on display for admiring friends. I can even see one of these decorating the corner of a desk in an office as a conversation piece.

Knowing how boys love construction vehicles, I can see many kids loving the wheel loader and the trucks. But the go-kart and street rod are also very cool. The model that wins my vote for cuteness is the baby stroller.

This book is a “must” for every Lego fan. It makes a perfect gift for birthdays and holidays, so you might want to pick up several copies. For adults who take care of kids, this makes a great addition to your bag of supplies as it will keep kids busy (in the best way—developing their brains and having fun doing it) for hours. Good for teachers to have in the classroom as well. Highly recommended for ages 7 to 97!

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