Author: Ellis Chase

ISBN: 9780988897924

What if, instead of dreading your Monday mornings, you looked forward to getting back to work? What if you actually had fun doing what you get paid to do? When author Ellis Chase’s eight-year old daughter wrote that when she grew up she wanted a job “that I can do most anything I want in, something like the fun-forever job,” it got Chase thinking. And eventually, it led to his writing this book, In Search of the Fun Forever Job: Career Strategies That Work.

But first, he had to find his own fun-forever job, and his route to get there included a lot of mountains, valleys and a few unusual detours. In the end, all his experience, knowledge, and skills came together, so that he opened his own career consulting business. His techniques work so well that the prestigious Columbia University hires him to work with their own students.

Whether you’d like to open your own shop, find the perfect niche in which to use your law degree, or do something entirely different, Ellis Chase can help you. If you’ve been diligently searching for work, sending out hundreds of resumes, calling everyone you know and asking if they’ve got an opening, and are still unemployed, then this book is for you, because if that has been your approach, you’re going about it all wrong.

Only about 13 percent of jobs are obtained by sending a resume. That means 87 percent of the jobs are not obtained due to a sent resume, so you could well be missing the lion’s share of what’s out there if you’re not using Chase’s method.

Do interviews make you nervous? Forget reading the books that go through hundreds of possible interview questions. Chase has it boiled down to five question categories—much easier to master! There is no question too odd for Chase to tackle. One of his clients had an interview in which she was asked, “Would you please remove your blouse?” That one is in Chapter 5.

Chapter 6 teaches how to master the skill of salary negotiation, including when to ask, when to deflect, and how to calculate what you should be paid according to the current job market. One gem of wisdom I learned from this chapter is “the longer the conversations go on without discussing money, the higher the price goes.” This chapter alone is worth more than the cost of the book.

Creating your own job search style and when you might actually choose to burn a bridge are topics that take your skills to the master level of job searching.

For anyone who desires a better job or who is currently unemployed, this is the book you don’t want to pass up.

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