Author: Brad Taylor

Publisher:  Dutton/ Penguin Random House.

ISBN: 978-1101984765  


Dexter Worthington owns a small aircraft maintenance company and needs money to stay in business. Trying to get his first of many government contracts he decides to go into business with someone that is unscrupulous and now as it happens to others when your past errors come forward in the present his house of cards and empire just might fall. But, employing the aid of someone close to him and hoping he is able and willing to destroy any evidence against him including killing a reporter that is about to expose everything, anyone that stands in his way will be eliminated. The documents that are in question are called the Panama Papers for many reasons. But, Dexter is not the only one that wants to stop these papers from surfacing a dangerous group wants them eliminated for their own reason.

Enter Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill who are now summoned to their Taskforce’s headquarters in Washington and will learn what is about to happen and why the Taskforce a covert/black ops team with covert operatives who as many other clandestine groups answers only the President and a group of 13 people from various parts of the United States Government called the Oversight Council. As Pike and Jennifer learn more about these papers they also learn that they have been given permission to a point to get rid of the threat. But, there is a reporter that wants to leak this and while investigation there is are communications that the Taskforce comes upon by accident between a reporter and a jihadist or terrorist.  With fear that will reign and the threat of another 9/11 at hand Pike and Jennifer will have to dig long and hard to prevent another rerun of that horrific day in 2001. What will happen if there is a repeat ofthat day and there are more attacks?

This story is told in many voices. First person narrative by Pike himself and then we hear from Tariq and his father who are behind the devastation that has already occurred when Pike and Jennifer and their team including a hacking genius named Creed follow their leak but cannot stop what was already started and the end result the mark is dead. Kurt Hale the Director of the Task Force and Hurdle request that the law firm that they’d used to create offshore shell companies to hide what this taskforce is up to and requesting the Panama papers before they are revealed in order to save themselves and do some type of damage control. But, like all politics they were denied by the Oversight Council and said it was too dangerous to use Pike and the Taskforce not realizing that what was about to be unfurled was definitely a threat to our national security and safety.

Pike and Jennifer own their own company and can do this without the permission of the taskforce and can get the papers and hopefully report back what they find but no backup and no help and this cannot be connected to them as the anniversary of the 15th year since 9/11 is coming. But, the terrorists want these papers too and Dexter Worthington and his small aircraft firm developed a drone that would take more than one country down. With the help of Tariq and his father what they plan will crush the United States and hopefully he won’t get caught but what about the man that flies the drone and what about coming out alive?

The key is phosphorous and the end result is something called Ring of Fire and when you witness the first attack and how it is used on an army Captain who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time what you will witness is terrifying. With the Saudi’s on the trail of the same thing as they are and a man named Johan at the heart of it adding in Dexter who is now in trouble for using the accounts set up and claiming someone else hacked into them the end result is far from over.

The explosion and deaths at the port are supposed to slow our global trading as we hear the voice of one man who is angry at the deaths, another whose bank engineered and paid for the explosion and the Ring of Fire has just begun and Pike and Jennifer realize that there is much more to come.

We will hear the members of the Oversight Council discussing how they plan to proceed and stop what someone powerful has set into motion. Hearing the voice of Tariq and his father we learn just why things will be escalated, why they want to shut down all of our ports and kill our trade with other countries and the end result will be the largest Ring of Fire ever but what does his father have planned for the final attack? When Johan panics and realizes what Dexter is doing and then Anwar is found out and needs to hide will the team uncover the plot and stop what they have started?

Will they capture them or will this plan be executed and our shipping yards, naval bases and ports compromised and destroyed? Author Brad Taylor keeps readers on the edge of their seats when creating an ending that you won’t expect, the brilliance of the team with Pike and Knuckles at the helm assisted by Jennifer and their latest recruit Carly who plays by her own rules. What happens is heart stopping and the end result if they don't’ stop what has been started and before more lives are lost, more sacrifices to Allah occur, the world will experience as some did throughout this book a RING OF FIRE that will spread far and wide and destroy many before the embers are extinguished.