Authors: Angie Pechak Printup: Kelley Stewart Dollar

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6092-2

Publisher: Outskirts Press


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He Blew Her a Kiss is a compilation of forty short inspirational stories.  Each story highlights the submitters’ personal experience of communication with their loved one who has passed.  Each leaves the living member comforted and reassured that their love one is in a better place, doing well and is happy.  The stories are easy to read, making the book a short and quick read for me.  I found myself tearing up at some of these stories and smiling with others. 

While I personally don’t believe you can have communication with someone after they have passed, I do firmly believe in the power of memories and our senses.  Our minds are powerful tools that can easily create a memory or smell or sense of touch, hearing, dreams and more that enable us to feel closer and comforted after we lose a loved one.  These stories were heartwarming because they show raw emotion turned into a sweet and comforting moment that helped each individual to move on in their grief process and heal from the intense pain felt at the loss of a loved one.  I was able to see the power of our memories and love within each of these stories and it was touching.

I found this book a tad depressing at first due to the pain and loss told in story after story. However, it was also uplifting to read each persons experience of comfort and healing.   Overall it was an interesting and inspirational read.  The main message of coping and remembering the love that surrounds us was uplifting despite any personal beliefs on the topic.

I appreciate the submitters who poured their hearts out in story form for others to have a chance at healing also.  The book is a must read for anyone looking to help heal from a recent loss.  Regardless of what you believe on the topic, the book has many stories and inspirational examples of people who have been through similar loss and pain and have found a way to have inner peace.  It holds the power to heal a hurting heart find a way to have comfort and peace of its own. 

Click Here To Purchase He Blew Her a Kiss: Communications from loved ones who have passed