Authors: Zig Ziglar and Julie Ziglar Norman
Publisher: Howard Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-4219-6

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On one of your tough days, when nothing seems to be going right, pick up Embrace the Struggle and become inspired to carry on.

On an evening in March 2007, Zig Ziglar, the well known inspirational and motivational speaker and author took a misstep that sent him lying down a flight of steps and hitting his head on the marble floor at the bottom.

The injury resulted in permanent brain damage affecting his short term memory. Ziglar was no longer able to keep track of tasks or even accurately follow an ongoing conversation without getting lost.

While that might have sent some people into a deep depression asking “Why me?” Ziglar chose to be grateful for what he still had remaining (his faith, his family, a lifetime of achievement) and decided to move forward using whatever assistance he could in order to continue to accomplish good for others.

Included with Ziglar’s struggle are the stories of other people who also have overcome odds to win against such struggles as addiction, financial trouble, and physical impairment. Again and again it is demonstrated that success lies in accepting the past, having a strong spiritual life, and remaining positive.

Ironically, it’s Ziglar’s past of teaching and living constant positive thinking that had prepared him for this new hurdle. What results is a terrifically inspiring story which includes added stories of people who had every reason to give up but instead chose to persevere and succeed. Written by Ziglar and his youngest daughter Julie Ziglar Norman, Embrace the Struggle is a well written book that teaches us lessons on acceptance while striving for excellence.

Ziglar’s brain damage appears to be permanent, so if you are hoping for a happy ending where the damage is reversed and all is well, you are not going to find it in this book. Instead, you’ll find another sort of happy ending where with spirit, faith, and a positive attitude anything can be overcome.

Zig Ziglar is a bestselling author with more than three million books in print. He is the president of Zig Ziglar Corporation and has motivated the sales forces or multinational corporations and thousands of individuals. One of the leading stars of the “positive thinking” movement he is the author of bestsellers See You at the Top, Secrets of Closing the Sale, Success and Self Image, 5 Steps to Successful Selling, How to Be a Winner, Selling 101, and How to Get What You Want.

Julie Ziglar Norman is Zig and Jean Ziglar’s third born and youngest daughter. Julie has co-authored Embrace the Struggle with her father, and their dynamic on-stage relationship has inspired more than 100,000 people in audiences across America. Julia lives in Alvord, Texas, with her husband, Jim, three cats, three dogs, three horses, and one box turtle.

Click Here To Purchase Embrace the Struggle: Living Life on Life's Terms