Author: J.C. Stevens
ISBN: 978-1-4327-6908-6

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This is an extremely interesting premise; a definite work of fiction based on facts.  Here, the facts belong to one of the greatest tragedies that ever occurred in American history that still, to this day, is spoken about and debated by many, many citizens. 
The Killing Game opens when a former hit man, now a barber living in Eureka, CA, is sitting in his barber chair reading the newspaper.  He is focused on a story regarding the House and Senate Commission
on Assassinations looking into the assassinations of the Kennedys, as well as Martin Luther King, Jr.  Our story takes place in 1978, some fifteen years after the shootings occurred.  The hit man turned barber is slightly upset at the news and is soon visited by an old associate, Martinson of the CIA, and asked to escort a government witness to Washington, DC where she will be placed on the stand during the Committee meetings on the assassinations.

In reality, Martinson of the CIA wants our former hit man, Bronk Trellisane, to meet with another bogus agent and kidnap the witness with the idea of delivering her to her former boyfriend who is a member of the Mafia and getting the information that she holds regarding the assassination.  Trellisane does not want to go back into the shooting business but, is doing this one last thing to protect his son.  He does however plan to meet with the fake agent and witness and then proceed to kill the agent and deliver the witness to Washington himself.  The story goes into overdrive as he and the girl, along with a couple of his friends, run into barriers on their way from the west coast to Chicago.
The plot is very convoluted, and there are many characters which sometimes makes it difficult to keep up but, if you pay attention, you can figure out who's who.  I liked the book and it's new spin on the main subject. 
The author, J.C. Stevens works from his home in Laramie, Wyoming and is also author of two books called: "Peering Through the Reality Window" and "Rock 'n' Roll Supernova."

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