Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2797-4
Publisher: Mira Books

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Ms. Ryan has really outdone herself on this last installment to the Charlotte McNally series. This time Charlie’s aiming to stop a car scam operation while at the same time, planning for her upcoming wedding. By far the best of the four McNally stories, Ryan has held nothing back in this one. Full of action including high-speed car chases, hidden video, stakeouts, and even her fiancé and stepdaughter get tangled up in the weaving of deception, secrets and murder.

Ryan has a knack for storytelling and her real-life experience in news reporting is highly reflected in her writing. She has a very unique voice and the ability to make each story in her books better than the last one. Though her characters are fictional, you can only suspect that the McNally character reveals many of Ryan’s own qualities, which appears to add humor and hands-on investigation into even to the grimmest of crimes.

Her stories in this series are well written, the plots are intriguing, the characters are extremely realistic and the background settings are right on target. I’ve read all four books in the McNally series and have to admit I’ve loved them all, but this last one, Drive Time, tops them all. A difficult task in outdoing the last great read, Ryan has handled the task with the ability to keep all the characters, old and new, in place – their personalities never faltering.

Also due to her experience in getting the facts and reporting the news, she’s able to use her talents as well to make her stories realistic, allowing the reader into the mind of McNally, and laying out the details to make everything fit into place exactly right, holding the reader in suspense until she lets go of the climatic ending.

What I really enjoy about Ryan’s writing is that you can’t figure out the plot and ending before finishing the book. I just didn’t want to put it down. A real page-turner!

Ryan is an amazing new talent in writing mysteries laced with realism, facts, and plenty of action! I’ll miss the series and hope she will add more later on!

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