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Author: Kenny Miller

Publisher: Little Creek Publishing


Author: Matt Thorne

Publisher: Agate Bolden

ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1572841871

Authors: Karen White, Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig

Publisher: Penguin Random House, 2016

ISBN 978-0-451-47462-9 (HC)

ISBN 978-0-698-19101 (eBook)

Author: Zahava D, Englard

Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

ISBN: 9789652295743

Author: Heather Gudenkauf

Publisher: MIRA

ISBN: 9780778318651

Author: Gavriel Savit

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 978-0553513349

Author: Raeder Lomax

Publisher: Create Space,

ISBN: 978-1-51488-841-4

AUTHOR: Lucy Arlington

PUBLISHER: Berkley Prime Crime

ISBN: 978-0-425-27667-9

Author: Anne Toole
Illustrator: Unstated
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4787-6413-7

Author: Alan L. Pritz

Publisher: Quest Books,

ISBN: 978-0-8356-0928-9

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Nihar Suthar, Author of Win No Matter What and The Corridor of Uncertainty

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interview Patty Reid, Author of Flying with the Rich and Famous

Editor: Christopher Conte:

Individual Contributions

Publisher: CreatesSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 978-1-5075-8022-3

Authors: Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig

Publisher: Penguin Group/DAW

ISBN: 9780451474629

Author: Wheler Bradford


Author: Prashanth Savanur

Publisher: Prashanth Savanur


Author: Brian Russell, PhD, J.D.

Publisher: Health Communications Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-75731-876-4

Author: Jim BevigliaCounting Down The Rolling Stones, Their 100 Finest Songs

Publisher: The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

ISBN:  978-1-44225-446-6

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Writer, Producer, Career Coach, Teacher and Literary Manager, Dr. Ken Atchity

Author: George S. Glass with David Tabatsky

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-62914-431-3

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