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Author: Jane Hanser
Publisher: Ivy Books
ISBN: 978-0-9915149-0-8

Author: Amanda Eyre Ward

Publisher: Balantine Books

ISBN: 9780553390506

Author: Louis White
Illustrator: Damon Taylor
Publisher: White Knight Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-646-90314-9

Author: Marilyn Amster Gould

Publisher: New Alliance Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-939758-84-2

Author: D. A. Karr


Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Best-Selling Author of Cyrber-Thrillers, Thomas Waite

Author: Victoria Laurie

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

ISBN: 9781484700082

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Augustine Sam Author of Take Back the Memory

Author: Augustine Sam

Publisher: Melange Books LLC

ISBN: 9781612359861

Author: Martine Bailey

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press

ISBN: 978-1-250-05691-7 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 978-1-4668-6071-1 (E-book)

Author: Kevin Christofora
Illustrator: Dale Tangeman
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1-492938293

EDITORS: Lee Gutkind and Andrew Blauner

PUBLISHER: Skyhorse Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-62914-247-0 Hardcover

AUTHOR: Treva Hall Melvin

PUBLISHER: The Poisoned Pencil, an imprint of Poisoned Pen Press

ISBN: 978-1-9293-4504-5 (TB)

Author: Larry Irons

Publisher: Black Hills Publishing

ISBN: 978-0990763604


Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Michael Kahn,  Award-Winning Author of Eight Rachel Gold Novels and Stand Alone Novels, The Mourning Sexton (under the pen name Michael Brown), and His New Novel, The Sirena Quest

Author: Amber Nieves
Illustrator: Danyol Murphy
Publisher: Mama Picky Pants Story Crafter Publishing
ISBN: 978-0991285907

Author: Gregory Funaro

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

ISBN: 9781484700068

Author: Carolyn J. Rose

Publisher: Amazon Digital


Author: Serita Deborah Stevens
Publisher: Motivational Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1628651003

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