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Authors: Chris Kennedy and Thomas A.May

Publisher: Theogony Books

ISBN: 978-1948485166 and ASIN B07BRTDBCJ

Author: Elena Hartwell

Publisher: Camel Press

ISBN: 978-1-60381-727-1

Author: Vic Cavalli

Publisher: Harvard Square Editions

ISBN: 978-1-941861-40-0

Author: Brenda M. Spalding

Publisher: Heritage Publishing US

ISBN:  1544801866 welcomes as our guest, Larry D. Thomson author of White Witch. Larry graduated from the University o Texas School of Law and practised as a trial lawyer for the first half of his professional life. About twelve years ago he started his career as a novelist and has written five highly acclaimed legal thriller. White Witch is his sixth and more are to come.

Author: Larry D. Thompson

Publisher: Story Merchant Books

ISBN: 978-0-09991621-5-6

Author: Sarina Dorie

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
ASIN: B01F06DFDW welcomes as our guest Tim Ortman author of NEWSREAL - A VIEW THROUGH THE LENS WHEN

Tim spent 35 years working in television news, having worked for all major U.S television news networks. As an Emmy Award winning cameraman and producer, his understanding of the overall television production process is comprehensive. Tim spent more than three decades shooting, lighting, editing, writing, story editing, and producing news. 

His globe-trotting travels have taken him on assignments to five continents, covering everything from war, revolution, terrorist attacks, and famine to Cold War Summits, the fall of Communism, Olympiads, and Olympic Park bombings, presidential elections and the occasional press conference. But his chops were truly made on the front lines of news as part of the Foreign Press Corps. Based in Europe during the 80’s, as an impressionable 20-something staff cameraman for NBC News, his understanding of and appreciation for the news business was formed when it was at its most trustworthy zenith.

Author: Chuck Collins

Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 978-1-5095-2250-7

Author: Ragnar Jonasson

Publisher: Minotaur Books,

Author: Scott Thomas, Author

Publisher: Inkshares, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-942645-82-5

Author: Jake Brown

Publisher:Music Square Media; 1 edition (March 13, 2018)


Edited by: Erin Moutlon

Publisher: Zest Books

ISBN: 13: 978-1942186342

Dr. Wesley Britton, one of bookpleasures' excellent reviewers writes about his life as a book reviewer

Author: Matt Ginsberg

Publisher:Zowie Press (March 20, 2018)



Author: Emily Ruskovich

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 978-0-399-59121-1

Author: Lucinda Bakken White

Publisher: Wild Woman Books

ISBN-10: 0997648252

ISBN-13: 978-0997648256

AUTHOR: Becky Clark

PUBLISHER: Midnight Ink

ISBN: 978- 0-7387-5332-4

Meet Lara Reznik Author of The Girl From Guyland, The M&M Boys and Her Most Recent Novel, Bagels & Salsa

Author: Lara Reznik

Publisher: Enchanted Indie Press, LLC

ISBN: 9781938749384

Author: Samuel Marquis

Publisher: Mount Sopris Publishing (February 6, 2018)

Author: Walter Isaacson,

Publisher: Simon & Schuster,

ISBN: 978-1-5011-3915-4 welcomes as our guest Mark Reutlinger, Professor of Law Emeritus at Seattle University and author of the Mrs. Kaplan cozy mystery series (Random House), including Mrs. Kaplan and the Matzoh Ball of Death and A Pain in the Tuchis, and the political thriller Made in China (Abbott Press). His latest novel is Sister-in-Law: Violation, Seduction, and the President of the United States, a romantic suspense story published by Black Opal Press and written under the pen name M. R. Morgan. A third Mrs. Kaplan novel is coming soon.

Author: Robert R. Riggs

Publisher: Global Harmony Press

ISBN: 978-0999155943

Author: Mark Fried
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
ISBN: 978-1-59932-797-6

Author: Hiromi Kawakami

Publisher: Europa Editions

ISBN: 978--=60945-399-2

Author: Ginny Stone [Fudge – the SPCA Special (as told to Ginny Stone)]

Publisher: Ginny Stone

Author: Bill Kopp

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (February 9, 2018)
ISBN-10: 1538108275
     ISBN-13: 978-1538108277

AUTHOR: M. C. Beaton

PUBLISHER: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 978-1455558315 Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1455558339 E-book welcomes as our guest former Metropolitan Opera Orchestra violinist Erica Miner who now enjoys a multi-faceted career as an award-winning author, screenwriter, arts writer and lecturer.

Erica studied violin with Boston Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Joseph Silverstein at Boston University, where she graduated cum laude; the New England Conservatory of Music; and the Tanglewood Music Center, summer home of the Boston Symphony, where she performed with such celebrated conductors as Leonard Bernstein.

Erica went on to perform with the prestigious Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for twenty-one years, a high-pressured milieu but the pinnacle of her field, where she worked closely with numerous luminaries of the opera world.When injuries from a car accident spelled the end of her musical career, Erica drew upon her lifelong love of writing for inspiration and studied screenwriting in Los Angeles with screenplay gurus Linda  Seger and Ken Rotcop.

Author: Samuel Marquis

Publisher: Mount Sopris Publishing

ISBN: 9781943593217

Author: Anthony DeCurtis

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (October 10, 2017)



Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Jim Lindsay Author of The Little Bastards

Author: Jim Lindsay

ISBN: 14943566732

ISBN: 13-978-14943556736

Author: Robert Kaplan

Publisher: Random House Paperbacks


Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Actor, Writer, Dancer, Singer, Producer and Author of Talk Southern To Me, Julia Fowler

Author: Ginny Stone; illustrated by Igz Stone

Publisher: Ginny Stone
ISBN: 978-0-620-76902-0

Author: [As told to] Ginny Stone

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Author: Stephen Snyder, M.D.

Publisher: St. Martins Press
ISBN: 978-1-2501788-6-2

Author: Vivian Schilling, Author

Publisher: Hannover House,
ISBN: 978-164008044-7

Author: Paula Vogel

Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 978-1-55936-547-5

Author: Alan Moore

Publisher: Independently published (February 7, 2018)
ISBN-10: 1980200890
   ISBN-13: 978-1980200895

Shelly Skandrani is best-known for her critically acclaimed co-star role of Leah Lubitch, in Showtime's popular Holocaust film The Devil's Arithmetic starring Kirsten Dunst and Brittany Murphy, and produced by Dustin Hoffman and Mimi Rogers.

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of interviews Robert & Carol Teitelbaum authors of Hiding in Plain Sight.

Robert Teitelbaum is  son of Abe and Esther Teitelbaum, who were the attorneys for mob leader, Al Capone. 


Author: Richard Bruns

Publisher: Twin Feather Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9831665-5-9

Author: Donna Marie Nowak with an Introduction by Stefanie Powers

Publisher: BearManor Media (February 1, 2018)
ISBN-10: 1629332550

ISBN-13: 978-1629332550 welcomes as our guest Randi Brill author of 99 Creative Wows: Words of Wisdom for Business

Author: Jules Verne

Publisher: BearManor Media (January 11, 2018)
ISBN-10: 162933197X

ISBN-13: 978-1629331973

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard welcomes as our guests Johnathan McClain and J A Huss authors of the four-part series Sin with Me which the first of the series will be released on March 6th, 2018 and the next books in the series will continue to be released on a three week roll out to essentially allow the reader to “binge read” as the books have major cliffhangers for an exciting and suspenseful read.

Author: Cynthia M. Long

Publisher: Cynthia M. Long

ASIN:  B0787C7PD3

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