Author: Rory Feek

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN-10: 0718090195

ISBN-13: 978-0718090197

Oh my. This is such a heart-touching read. It ran me through a host of emotions and gave me a look into the super-man that Rory Feek is. He is very much what I expected—a humble, honest, and genuine man who is both grateful and in awe of how God has blessed him. He’s a shining example of husband, father, and Christian. That doesn’t mean he is perfect—he’s made mistakes—but he learned from them and allowed God to shape him into an exemplary man

Mine is a sad story and a happy one. A human tragedy and a comedy of errors. It’s Forrest Gump meets Jesus. The struggle of light against the power of darkness. It is a story of faith. Of love. And a hope that never dies.” ~excerpt

In this book, Rory reveals parts of his childhood and unstable nomadic upbringing. He lets us peek into his ups and downs, unabashedly. I love his conversational tone and use of words, as if he is unfolding his life’s events to a friend. 

His personal account of allowing God to guide him in life is dear and emotional. As I expected, his strong and abiding love for his wife Joey, and the incredible impact she had on his life, is the most powerful part of this story. Rory’s love is palpable and solid, his introspection is admirable, and his faith and testimony are raw and sincere.

I have said many times that I think I’ve spent too much of my life trying to write great songs and not enough time trying to be a great man.” ~excerpt

This Life I Live, by Rory Feek, is more than a memoir. It is an ideal example of how God can change a person, their outlook, their path, and their spirit. I can’t say enough good things about this book. I enjoyed every moment. There are no dull or meaningless pages. No boasting or brandishing. It is an honest and authentic display of Rory’s nature and spirit, and a gut-wrenchingly painful and beautiful love story. 

I’m thankful for the day we met that evening in September’ cause I’d rather have something to forget than nothing to remember.” ~excerpt

About the Author: 

Rory Feek and his wife, Joey Martin Feek, founded a duo called Joey + Rory. They came in third place on the CMT talent show Can You Duet, and later that year signed to a recording contract with Vanguard Records. Joey + Rory released their debut single "Cheater, Cheater" that year, and peaked at No. 30 on the country singles charts with it. That same year, Jimmy Wayne charted on the country charts with "I Will", another Feek co-write.