Author: Jeanne Denault
ISBN: 9781846943843
Publisher: O Books
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Women were placed on this earth to serve men and appease their every whim. Wives have many different roles but according to some men their only one is homemaker and of course mother. Labeling us as housekeepers, mothers and caregivers definitely short changes our skills, attributes and much more as author Jeanne Denault narrates, in her own voice, heard loud and clear how one trip to Paris and one man named Pete changed her world and but not her perspective on life. As she recounts her meeting with Pete, his expectations for their relationship and his requests and demands on her, you can feel the frustration in our author’s words, as she takes a different journey in life than the one she so desired. Marrying Pete included taking care of his ailing mother, putting up with her difficult and often critical remarks and handling her children relatively on her own. As Jeanne enters parenthood, although not what she really wanted at all, she begins to doubt herself, her self image and why she values the opinions of others rather than her own when it comes to how she views herself. Pete designed a plan, almost like an architect’s blueprint for their lives and she felt like one of the rectangles or squares on the page. Masterfully creating what he thought would be a perfect world for them, he directed and orchestrated the events, and the places their lives and how long they stayed in one place without any thought to what Jeanne felt or wanted. It was as if she was looking at a screen watching the events in a movie as her life flashed by in each frame. But, the real story begins when her son Max is born and she realizes that something about him is quite different or you might say extraordinary and things take on a drastic turn.