Author: Matt Thorne

Publisher: Agate Bolden

ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1572841871

A perfectionist, enigma, a performer, a star, a songwriter, singer and creator or a sound unique only unto him, author Matt Thorne allows readers to get to know more about this instrumentalist named Prince.  The book focuses on his music, the people who influenced him the most, those that he worked with as writers, directors some that helped create the tapes, music and his sound, as well as lifelong friends. Listening to his music while writing this review helped understand his music, the lyrics and their messages and understand why the author decided to write this extensive biography of this singer.  His music spans many decades and his impact great as some state that he is considered a icon of the 80’s with songs like Purple Rain, Corvette and  When Doves Cry. Some of his music he releases while others are locked in a vault in his house hoping to be heard. Watching and listening to his videos he is expressive, colorful and you just want to join in and sing along with him.  Listening to Purple rain, Batman and other music he created each song sounds unique unto itself, his expressive actions and movements prove why each song is different and how he renders different movements and lyrics to fit the title and themes of each song.

Author Matt Thorne brings to light two major phases of Prince: his music  how he develops and creates it and second the man himself. Prince is quite eclectic in his work and as an artist with several names/ pen names and more he writes and records songs that are released and unreleased as well as between 500 to over a thousand millions of records worldwide in countries like France, Canada and even the United Kingdom.

In Chapter 10 the author highlights the deal made with Purple Rain, the decision to film in France and during the tour and after the tour the result is what he turned into a “Monster Star.” But, the most telling experience came from watching the video of this song, hearing his voice and seeing him open up to the audience.

When Doves Cry is also featured many times in this book and the song is really quite unusual and the video shows the many faces of Prince in various states. The true and real Prince, the caricatures  the distance he plays from the normal or convention pop music. The song ignites a certain sadness in the listener as it opens with a single guitar and played in a different key than the rest of the song. Prince as the author relates  gears his energies to his creativity, his unique style and When Dove’s Cry is quite compelling as he uses his many faces and that of an older man namely Prince Charles.

Prince, the author is plagued with issues of trust, need for having total control and not always compromising and giving in to the will of others. This is paramount when you view the movie Purple Rain. Prince is daring and takes on the 80’s by storm. When Dove’s Cry might be considered the turning point in his career.

In chapter 16 titled For Those of U on Valium the author relates the significance of the concert in the Minnesota Dance Theater where he was showcasing new material. The songs and the material were different and adding the song by Charlie Parker titled Now’s the Time. Reading page 198 the author shares the wild and bizarre way he introduces the cast, the band and the songs.  His sound encompasses as the author shares so much of his music, concerts, and tours including the one in Minnesota, which featured When Doves Cry, Let’s Go Crazy and Little Red Corvette. Each show different and audiences embracing him. With lyrics that range from rock, pop and having sexual content and explicit graphics in his videos, Prince is truly someone that few can compare with or ever will. His father John Nelson the author shares was the leader of a jazz band and his mother a vocalist. His career began at age seven and he self-taught himself the guitar at 14 and created a band the author relates called Grand Central later changing its name to Champagne.

Working with Pepe Willie, engineer Chris Moon and Owen Husney who helped get him his first contract with Warner Brothers Studio. Add in the amazing photos and the history behind his Emancipation Album, Revolution and why he fired both Wendy and Lisa who would record Waterfall later on there is so much more that can be said about Prince. Adding a chapter that reveals notes from his fans the author covers all bases and brings to life what audiences think. 

The author sums it up in the chapter titled Epilogue: Living Out Loud where he focuses on when this book was coming out for publication and the November release of the single Rock and Rock Love Affair. Prince began working with Andy Allo and his attitude over having total control changed as he concludes with the start of 2013 where his listeners are gifted with songs on UTUBE even though Prince was not a big fan of social media. The end of the book focuses on where Prince is now, a new beginning with Kobalt Music Group and the hope that this will only be the prelude to extending his exciting career. A tell all book with interview from fans, writers, music directors and more: Prince the Man and his Music will always be a living legend and his music a legacy that will live on forever.