Author: Alexandrea Weis

ISBN: 978-1453875704

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If you are tired of reading the prescriptive mundane yarn focusing on mystery and love, try Alexandrea Weis's Recovery. You won't be disappointed with its somewhat offbeat approach humming with energy where the journey turns out to be more satisfying than the solution itself.

The novel recounts the tale of a young author, Nicci Beauvoir, who has just written a book about her murdered lover, David Alexander-an artist who often painted portraits of her. The crime was never solved and thus the person who had committed the murder was never found.

Our first encounter with Nicci takes place at a book signing in New York City, and it is here where a sleazy character, Simon Le Roy introduces himself to her stating that he and she have a mutual acquaintance, David.

It seems that Simon had been David's former employer who had taught him everything he knew about wine, clothes and women-all of which Nicci had written about in her book, Painting Jenny. The Jenny being herself. He further tells her that he introduced him to people who needed problems handled. This startles Nicci, as she never really knew about David's past, and that he even worked for Simon, who she succinctly characterizes as a shady man in a dangerous profession.

It is also from Simon she discovers some alarming frightening details about David's past life. Apparently, he was a collector of secrets, where he would take advantage of women to manipulate them so as to get what he needed. When a job required a man to get something out of a wife, mistress, or lover, David was the specialist. Incidentally, we also learn, that Nicci did have a very unpleasant experience with David when he confessed to her at her cousin's wedding that he had seduced her to obtain information to ruin her family's business.

The pièce de résistance comes when Simon informs Nicci that it was because of her that David was murdered and not because of David's work or past. He further conveys to her that for the past two years he has been investigating David's murder and he has concluded that it was not committed by anyone associated with his organization. His interest in finding the culprit is basically due to the fact that one of his best employees was lost to him- hurting his business affairs and a loss of income. Nicci is practically speechless at all that has been revealed to her concerning David and is even more thunderstruck when Simon asks her to help him find the murderer. To do this she must work with an elite member of his organization of corporate spies, Dallas August, a person who is prized for his ruthless ability to get the job done. Furthermore, they are to masquerade as lovers and return to Katrina-ravaged New Orleans, where, according to Simon, the killer looms.

Into the plot enters Dallas, who turns out to be a trifle rough around the edges, and as Nicci is to discover, an elusive, cold person with all kinds of hidden feelings and secrets. To describe Nicci's and Dallas's ensuing relationship as rocky and tumultuous would be an understatement. However, through all of their bravado, there still seems to be something peculating beneath the surface. And it is here where Weis shines, skillfully crafting a compelling novel with wit and characterization, where her two principal characters are well-developed and whose qualities and flaws combine to help them leap off the page, revealing bits of intimate information that eventually lead to their own self-discovery. In addition, branching off from these two protagonists, Weis strikes just the right chord with her clever weaving into the plot of a supporting cast of daffy characters that include members of Nicci's closest family, a former dickhead fiancé, whom she dumped for David, a short fused wife beater, and some of the crème de la crème of New Orleans's society. Will David's murderer be found among this bunch? You will have to tag along with Nicci and Dallas to find out if they succeed in trapping the culprit and how their wild relationship finally turns out.

Alexandrea Weis’ popular first novel, To My Senses, received rave reviews and garnered awards for both commercial fiction and romance writing. A permitted wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, when Weis isn’t writing novels, she’s rescuing orphaned and injured wildlife. She, her husband, and a menagerie of pets live in New Orleans.

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