Follow Here To Purchase Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond Global Warming

Author: Dr. Alan Rozich

Publisher: Super Nexus Press

ISBN: 978-1-935355-15-1

If your reading taste tends towards the scientific and your interests in the global warming debate are in need of an informed expert inquiry, then Dr. Alan Rozich’s expansively written book, Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond Global Warning is the book for you.

While former Vice President, Al Gore’s awareness raising documentary, An Inconvenient Truth is replete with scary examples, citing the increasing rate of carbon dioxide emissions, Rozich sets his sights on the underlying causes of global warming. He approaches this contentious issue with a cooler, empirical tone and all the facts, which have a sobering effect on the reader.

It is a persuasive argument in which he puts forth the idea of the Super Nexus, a three-way vision that frames and exposes a negative synergy as it impacts our planet’s long-term sustainability and what that means. Touch one and all are affected. They are about:

  1. Economic and environmental sustainability

  2. Depletion of resources, their costs and decreasing availability

  3. The problem of increased economic expansion, increased population and higher standards of living.

He supports his argument about the need to go beyond the overuse of CO2 with many chapters of technical information. This may prove daunting to the lay reader new to this subject matter. However, the book provides a glossary to aid the reader in understanding the many technical terms as well as the language used in the sustainability sector. The author provides a user-friendly road map to guide his readers. Handy, for the subject matter expert, someone already well read who wants to read the book in its entirety or for those whose reading habit is to cherry pick a certain topic. A summary of key concepts is provided at the end of each chapter.

The reader may ask: Why do we even need more information? The answer lies in the strengths of this book and found in the many technical, engineering and scientific principals provided. Dr. Alan Rozich is world-renowned expert in the field of environmental and renewable energy, currently leading a sustainable engineering practice in Chicago, Illinois.

Rozich takes a prescriptive approach to the question: What to do about global warming? Citing that it is a symptom of a major imbalance in our uses of environment and resources, rather than the root cause. “We’re presently living with the consequences”, he says, which makes his an urgent question. And that’s where The Super Nexus comes in. With so much howl back in the media and political arena it’s easy to lose one’s way in trying to assimilate what is objectively a multi-faceted collection of issues. The Super Nexus is a tool for cutting through the biases, political spin and knotted rationalizations that we are exposed to everyday.

Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond Global Warning is recommended to anyone with a serious interest into issues of global warming. It is packed with well-researched facts, doesn’t talk down to the reader, raising awareness without oversimplifying or resorting to fear tactics.