Author: Martha M. Harrison
Illustrator: Mike Medicine Horse
Publisher: Incanto Press
ISBN: 978-1-941217-04-7

When trouble came knocking, Emma knew what to do! The same thing you’d do if it happened to you. She climbed out of the water and shook herself dry! She snapped out of the spell and told the witch, ‘Bye!’” Martha M. Harrison writes in her children’s book, Lady Emma in Her Land of Wonder.

At twenty-four pages, this hardbound targets young children who enjoy cute, rhyming stories that promote self-reliance and independence. With no scary scenes except one involving a witch, it is a good book to read aloud to beginner readers as it contains a few complicated words. Using a calming purple color on inside jacket flaps, the artful, colorful illustrations grace every page with black font words against green backgrounds. Mike Medicine Horse’s artworks are easy to understand, captivating the scenes and characters’ emotions.

Based on the original story by Harrison’s daughter, Jennifer, the story is about Lady Emma, a young precocious girl who gets in and out of sticky situations, while learning from her mishaps and mistakes by depending on herself.

In rhyming format Emma lives in her world of wonder where she first decides to cross a bridge that she should not have attempted. Falling under the bridge, a witch casts a spell on her that makes her feel lost but she climbs out of the water and leaves both witch and spell unharmed.

Next her father rescues her from falling in a forest where there is a snake, bats, owls, and squirrels. He father makes her feel secure from the dragons and trolls and helps her be unafraid. She enjoys life playing, climbing trees, and running after her dog. When the boat she is in capsizes, she does not panic or yell, but gets safely to shore.

When she is older and a woman, she meets a prince who is like her father, helping and taking care of her. She reminds them she loves their attention and is thankful they are nearby whenever she happens upon danger or a misstep.

With the charming pictures that have lots of small cute animals to view, this book would make a nice gift for bed-time or quiet time with a child. Being the first book of the author, many will look forward to more books regarding the adventures of Lady Emma.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reviewer’s honest opinion.

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