Author: Jen Turano
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-4412-6123-6

She’d asked Him to send her the gentleman of her dreams, and He’d never failed to grant her requests before, hence the reason she was certain she’d get her man,” Jen Turano writes about Charlotte’s prayer to God in her novella, Gentleman of Her Dreams.

At eighty-one pages, this e-book targets readers that like quick romance dating back to the late-nineteenth century where women wore bustles and men were dapper. With no profanity, violence, or sex scenes, it would be enjoyed by young teenagers through adults. The story covers five chapters, ending with an excerpt from the author’s debut novel.

Twenty-one year old Charlotte Wilson lives in New York in 1880 and feels she is doomed to be a spinster. Although she has had many suitors, her wild, carefree character has kept her from being asked for her hand in marriage. 

Praying to God to find a husband, she feels her answer is immediately given: the widowed Hamilton Beckett with two young children. Several years younger than him, she knows she cannot compete with his past beautiful wife but thankful she is not as demeaning or underhanded as the deceased wife.

When Charlotte’s best friend, Henry St. James, returns after two years traveling on ships around the world, she strategizes to have him assist with introducing her to her lifetime mate. Controlling and manipulative, the desperate woman tries to pull all stops to catch Hamilton’s eye. 

However, in the past two years that Henry has been gone, he has realized he has deep, true feelings for the spunky, outgoing girl and acquiesces to each of her demands, even if they make no sense.

From riding horses, going boating, and attending a dinner party, Charlotte and Henry perform an emotional dance trying to understand each other and what their hearts are conveying. 

True to Turano’s writing, the tome has silly and comical moments versus a tender side of realizing that God is in control and His intentions can be clearly misunderstood. Will Charlotte listen to her heart when it comes to Henry? Will Henry finally be able to share his love with the woman he desires? As a quick read, one gets easily caught up in the romance of the era between two friends who are afraid of love.

Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for furnishing this book freely on Facebook with no review required of the reader’s honest opinion.

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