Author: Ord Elliot.

ISBN:  978-0985874742

Publisher: Ord Elliot.    


A Warrior’s Silence, the hidden songs that he hears, the fears that lie within his inner most thoughts and a war that he fought so valiantly and the memories so vivid. Listen to his words as you hear him relate his feelings, his entrance into the Marines and his hope of surviving as a cadet and the physical and mental strength he needed to survive back then and the courage he needs to continue in the present. Ord Elliot was and still is proud to be a Marine and have served his country co valiantly. Choices are made, careers chosen and decisions often changed but not his. Describing his college days, his love of sitting perched on top of a piano and watching the crowds drink and listening to the music is just part of what marks this great man. So determined to join the Marines he hid the fact that he had a serious leg injury and actually fooled the doctor. Serving his country his choice, not passing the physical, not an option. Coming from a family with a military background Ord Elliot pursued his dream, would not settle for less and allows the reader to relive each and every moment with him.

Ord Elliot’s story is one that everyone needs to read  as you enter the jungles of Vietnam, join in the battles and relive his experiences but first he tells of the training he endured as a cadet and the battles fought just to survive the training. Heat cramps, heat stroke, body temperatures rising and all for the hope of remaining in the Marines. Everything he did and the others did was for “the glory of the professional warrior.” But, as you hear his voice and the experiences he encountered you know that he was more than just dedicated to his goals. Trained to become a rifle platoon leader the next step was leaving home and going to California and then Vietnam Going to the Staging Battalion at Camp Pendleton was a precursor to leaving for Vietnam.

The reality of what he signed up for comes to light when he arrives in Da Nang and hears the sound of guns being fired, artillery, Marine Phantoms, supersonic fighter jets and smells the acrid air filled with the scent of death. The author’s descriptions are so graphic and vivid he relives the battles and the reader experiences them along with him and his platoon.  The true test of endurance came when his troop went in search of infiltration routes and was used as human decoys to find NVA’s. Their code name: Lone Duck. As he describes what happens you can hear the frustration, feel the anger and the understanding that some of the higher ups sent him with his platoon in so many different directions rather than listening to him thinking he could not read the maps.

Okinawa was next and the photos of his platoon allow the reader to be there with the author and see his troop, experience what they did before heading back to Vietnam and the war. Throughout the book we experience along with Ord his missions, the wrong calls on the part of some in command, the loss of dear friends, the deaths of so many and the respect he has for his commanding officer, Pappy. Tough, hardnosed, smart and yet caring for his Marines he’s the one person you want to head your mission and platoon. But, in the middle of mission they get called to Laos and encounter the tragedies on Hill 861. Time Magazine describes the battle in vivid detail as you see the photograph, the smoke and the battlefield on page 30. North of 861 he met a close friend named Dave whose heroism saved his troop but cost him his life.

A Warrior’s Silence and a strong voice heard by all. A war that lasted from 1964-1969 and a man who describes it in such graphic and vivid detail you are reliving it with him and his platoon. The author includes two poems that describes how a soldier views the war and Journal from the Other World. Part Two is a reflection of what he endured as he recounts the March to Baghdad in 2001 and relives the memories of leading his platoon and wishes he could join the Marines in their fight. The smell of the bodies and the stench never left him nor do the nightmares and the dreams. A reunion made possible due to Dateline and the changes in his men apparent and the hope of bringing his best friend back to normal are the primary focus of this second part.

The real Warriors Silence: the sound of silence and the emptiness he felt and the song within telling what he lost, the friendships gone and the silence that envelops him when he’s asked or thinks about war, any war. The Warrior’s Silence: listen carefully: Can you hear the shells being fired? Can you feel the silence? Veterans of any war understand the sound of silence. One compelling book filled with honest emotions about how one man still feels about what he endured so many years ago. Some things you just never forget. 

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