Author: John J. Hohn
ISBN: 978-1-4327-5875-2

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This is a well-written book that really covers the Stock Market Debacle of 2008 in spades. Mr. Hohn knows his subject well and the story is very fast paced with characters that you would perhaps not like all that much and that includes the authorities.

In the summer of 2008, right before an annual 4th of July party at the home of Matthew and Shirley Wirth, Mr. Wirth's partner, Morrie Clay was faced with a real problem. Wirth and Clay are stockbrokers in Charles City, NC and have many wealthy clients. One of the wealthiest, Alan "Mac" McAllister has just informed the firm that he and his wife, Rene, are moving their accounts to another firm. Morrie is having fits because he has put her accounts into a Hedge Fund and is in a lot of trouble if she finds this out. This could mean the end of Clay's career for doing unauthorized trading on this account. Clay does not mention his dealings to his partner, only to his wife.

The big annual party goes on without anyone knowing of the problems that are about to settle on this enclave of riches at Pelican Bay. Rene McAllister is found dead on the beach
the day after the party. The authorities say that the tragic death was an accidental drowning as Mrs. McAllister was very drunk and this was reported by many people who attended the party. A few days later, Jamie Sherman, a neighbor, was found in his boat dead of a drug overdose. While investigating these two deaths, Detective James Raker hears from Mr. McAllister about the funny business in his wife's account and begins to suspect that the two deaths are related and are also homicides. Raker plunges in with both feet and stories start to surface that involve at least four members of the rich society folks on this beautiful lakeside property that had both motive and opportunity to commit these killings. When Raker stumbles into an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation's Drug Squad that is looking into Jamie's drug use he is told to close his cases and let them take over. Raker refuses because he still thinks that at least one other person is in jeopardy.

The end of this wonderful story just proves that murder does not avoid wealth and privilege. This story takes place in a fictional community called Heron Lake a small, prestigious place filled with doctors, lawyers and stockbrokers and their families who are about to be subjected to scandal that they are just not used to and what happens to all their lives as a result.

I'm very impressed with Mr. Hohn's writing. He worked for many years in the financial world and really knows his subject. For a first novel, this is exceptional. I would certainly recommend this book to all mystery, suspense and action readers. Having it take place during the financial problems of '08 on Wall St. it certainly helps the layman to understand what took place.

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