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Author:  Yolanda Klem

ISBN: 978-1-4685-5641-4 (sc): ISBN: 978-1-4685-5640-7 (hc):  ISBN: 978-1-4685-5639-1 (ebk)

CAUTION: Readers, if you don't like vulgar language in your books, this is not the one for you. However, if it doesn't bother you or you like it that way, this is your kind of book. The book has a great plot and strong characterization.

Yolanda Klem draws a thread from each character and weaves them together into a story tapestry that continues to build until near the end when that tapestry becomes ragged and TORN with a surprising twist and a poignant ending.

Maureen Perdy is a widow trying to get access to her husband's estate only to find that he has left everything to another woman, leaving Maureen with nothing. Maureen goes to court again and again trying to have Patrick declared dead and the will changed.

Yolanda introduces the reader to each character in the book by giving that character a chapter of background information that is later drawn together in a court hearing in which Maureen is the loser. The woman Patrick left his billons to shows up in court to give a reason why Patrick decided to leave the money to her--to help the poor people in Africa to live better lives.

Excerpts from Torn:

"Son of a bitch!"

After the death of their child, Patrick had made changes to his will and trust, and it no longer included Maureen. According to the will...Maureen was not entitled to a red cent...

With God's mercy, Patrick moved forward from the dark place he visited that night. He had been fighting it for a long time. Since he was a teenager, Patrick knew he was different, special. He gulped three pretty pills and washed them down with the final chug of his single malted scotch. With the plan of his transformation in place, he now needed to find the right pathologist to vindicate Lily's death...

It had been a long time coming, but Naja knew this day would arrive and Patrick would be declared legally dead. It wasn't about the money for Naja. It was about the principle of what was just and unjust. Besides, Maureen didn't deserve half a cent of what Patrick owned and it was time she paid the piper.

Klem builds the tension as the story moves along. It is difficult who is the main character as it seems to change with each new twist until the final climax with Maureen losing the court battle to have Patrick's will changed to include her.

If there is any moral to this story it would be that we are all flawed and imperfection is part of the human condition.

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