Author: Jerry Bayne
ISBN: 1-4392-4527-4

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 If you like a suspenseful novel, each page filled with action that trickles up to the highest office in the land, taking a road of destruction only a hero with seemingly supernatural abilities could transcend, then you will fall in love with Jerry Bayne’s hero.

Enter Bradley Cardiff. Former Navy Seal, Naval Intelligence, now in the CIA as a behind the scenes operative, highly skilled, intelligent and could write the book when it came to stealthy operations. He loves his work and has dedicated his life to his profession: no one is better at assassination, stealthy in and out ops, cheating security alarm systems, body disguises, and knowledge of weapons and explosives than he is. He is a one man killing machine who keeps himself in immaculate physical condition at all times, setting records at the CIA physical fitness training center. His reputation and abilities precedes him.

When things go wrong with a Columbian drug deal where Cardiff and his best friend Dave have been assigned to observe, Cardiff’s superiors decide to make him the scapegoat. Big mistake. Cardiff takes offense and lets it be known. In retaliation, a contract is placed on Cardiff; but his wife and daughter are killed instead, along with his buddy Dave.

Now the demon is unleashed and Cardiff goes on the offensive while his adversaries think he is dead. Utilizing all his skills, he starts at the bottom and works his way up by killing a senator who Cardiff knows is involved. In order to do this, Cardiff spends an inordinate amount of time hidden in the bedsprings of the Senators bed. When the time is right, Cardiff sticks an ice pick through the back of his skull. Since a homicide has been committed, detective Mike Sams of the Boston Police gets involved and now Cardiff must conduct business while contending with Boston’s finest on his trail. Cardiff goes after the second target and tortures him until he gives up the name of the man who issued the order to have Cardiff killed. This second target gets the FBI and the CIA involved. Now Cardiff has the Boston police, FBI and the CIA after him as he heads to Washington D. C, for his third target, the man who issued the order to have Cardiff killed.             

When all the facts are shifted out and the chaff separated it becomes clear who the third target is and why. It seems the cover up involved some high officials, before they obtained the position they now have. A visit to his office results in a confession to the FBI and CIA security team and a very worried President of the United States. Cardiff decides to play games with the President by leaving notes in his limo. This works well in that the President gets more nervous and increases his security, even leaving town for a few days. Mike Sams gets put on the Presidents security detail along with the FBI and the CIA but is not told that the President ordered the hit on Cardiff.

Sams develops a rapport with Cardiff who repeatedly warns Sams to return to Boston. Sams refuses and ignores Cardiff’s warnings. Cardiff goes so far as to fire two shots at the President, an intentional miss, just to scare him. It does the trick. The President goes underground to a get-away. Doubles try to trick Cardiff. He lets the Secret Service know that will not work. The main question is, with all the training Cardiff has, will he kill the President of the United States? Will he succeed in his mission? I cannot give the surprise climax of this superb novel away, but I will guarantee you will be entertained and thrilled.

Jerry Bayne has written the ultimate in suspense novels with Kill Me Twice. It is full of action, unexpected twists and turns that make it a ‘page turner’ for readers. I found it to be the most entertaining, well penned and tension filled novel I’ve read this year. I had trouble putting it down.