Author: Sheldon Greene
ISBN: 978-1439262443

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An excellent read encompassing love, hate, compassion, and all the other goodies that Mr. Greene seems to be able to incorporate into a very readable book for all.
Joshua Rutledge, the son of a Quaker family in Philadelphia is asked by General George Washington, to go to an island in the Caribbean to find a cache of French guns and ammunition.  He is to contact a Jewish ship owner there to bring the arms back to the US to help the American Army defeat the British forces during the Revolutionary War.  The war is going badly for America and General Washington is planning a surprise attack on Christmas Eve.  Joshua's parents
are devout Quakers and do not want Joshua to carry guns and fight.  He believes that he should help his country and decides that this assignment from General Washington would keep him from violence and he would be able to accomplish this by his wit and intelligence.

After arriving at the island, Joshua meets and falls in love with Amelia Sayre who is the wife of a savage slave owner, Duncan Sayre, who treats his help very badly.  Duncan is very friendly with the British troops that are based on the island and is not too fond of the newcomer, Joshua, who is dancing attendance on Duncan's wife.  However, Joshua seems to be a loyalist so he is accepted by the social groups on the island.  As Joshua completes his deals with the French and the ship owners, things heat up on the island and Joshua has to return to the US with the guns for the Army. 
The author is an excellent story teller and the book is full of historical fact along with fiction to keep you interested.  The Christmas Eve crossing of the Delaware is covered and also much about Benedict Arnold, who is on his way to infamy.  You'll be surprised at this storyline as I was.  Using fact and fiction Mr. Greene weaves a web of intrigue that will keep you involved.  The book is full of detail, and wonderful, fascinating characters throughout and moves speedily along to a dramatic ending.

I recommend this book to all fiction readers and some who prefer a little nonfiction thrown in for good measure.  It is a real find and so enjoyable to read.  Another treasure by Sheldon Greene.

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