Musician: Candye Kane

Original Release Date: June 25, 2013

Label: Sister Cynic / VizzTone Label Group


If your musical antenna rises above the current glut of reality show singers, homogenized Nashville country-pop, or Electronic Dance Music, you know the blues is more than alive and well. I've come to suspect there are more players and singers out there now than in the glory days of the post-WW II years through Stevie Ray Vaughan. Some keep the Delta blues acoustic torch aflame, some thrive on the guitar lines of Chicago masters, others take the old forms and splice in new topical lyrics for what they call Contemporary Blues.

Trying to pigeon-hole Candye Kane into any of these sub-genres is a more than elusive task. Judging from Coming out Swingin', Kane draws from a wide palate of inspirations and tries her best to touch as many bases as possible. For example, the opening title track evokes the spirits of Etta James and Peggy Lee in a big band setting with muted horns and Les Paul-like guitar. Or you might think of Brenda Lee in rockabilly numbers like "Rock Me To Sleep." She channels voices like those of Wanda Jackson in country-blues offerings such as "I'm the Reason that You Drink" or "I Want You to Walk Through That Door." Then Kane is old time Stax sock 'n soul in "Rise Up" and belts out some down and dirty gritty blues in "Invisible Woman." In short, there's something here for virtually every taste.

The finale, "Marijuana Boogie," is a strong reminder why the album is billed as "featuring Laura Chavez." This album is the third collaboration between Kane and her guitarist, and it's easy to see why. Both are versatile, polished, and schooled in deep wells of American musical traditions. Speaking of billing, Kane has been dubbed "The Toughest Girl Alive" in part for her ongoing battle with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer. In fact, should you stop by her website, you'll see:

This is a cd I am trying to manufacture so I can afford to leave them for free at the cancer centers where I got care --- places like Moores Cancer Center in San Diego, UCSD Thornton Cancer iCenter, Cedars Sinai Samuel Oschin Cancer Center and more. Everyday I am sent emails and letters from people fighting cancer or losing their loved ones to cancer. I try to write back to each person and to many, I burn this cd of my own songs of power but it would be awesome to be able to afford to give one for free to everyone who asked for one.

Still, Kane seeks donations to help with her own cancer care costs. So you have several reasons to try out Coming Out Swing'—the tasty old-timey songs, the highly proficient musicianship, and participating in a good cause. It's not often you can do all that with one swoop—

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