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Author: Ilan Herman

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

ISBN/ASIN: (eBook/Kindle) B004YDQIK0

A fantastic novella that each and every reader will truly be mesmerized by. And, if you are a feline “lover,” you’re going to wish that this author’s story was absolutely true and that you were the star.

Tim is a computer designer who puts together beautiful brochures for various companies. A quiet but kind man, Tim is a good father to his daughter, Hanna, and tries his best to be a good man in all facets of his life. Unfortunately, his marriage has fallen apart. His wife has decided to move away and take their young daughter with her. With Hanna missing from his daily life, Tim soon finds himself feeling alone and depressed, with only his one friend - a cat - to help him get through the dark times. The one thing Tim needs more than anything is to find his niche in the world.

Cookie is a feline that was found in the woods by Tim’s daughter before she left. As all cats are, Cookie is extremely smart. At times she actually acts like a dog, following Tim to the store and down the streets. What else does Cookie do? She speaks - loud and clear - to her owner. And as soon as Cookie unveils her unique skills, cats from everywhere begin to appear outside Tim’s door.

Apparently the perfect niche for Tim seems to be Lord of the Cats, a title which Cookie gives to him. The apartment begins to fill up, as a tomcat named Gray appears, as well as a quite regal cat who is named Tao - seeing as that his wisdom is as strong as the ‘ancient ones.’ A white cat named Princess joins the group, who simply loves to be spoiled, as well as many more to spend their days with their “Lord.”

Tim begins to understand, through the talks he has with Cookie and the others, he’s neat his future calling should be. In fact, with their help and support, Tim sits down and begins to write a wonderful book - telling his story to the world.

Family meetings are held between the “Lord” and his cats, as they talk about putting up with outside forces that could possibly hurt their family. A couple of people in the neighborhood have their sights aimed on the felines. One neighbor wants nothing more than to speak with the cats and learn their secrets; while the other neighbor wants nothing more than to take the cats out…permanently. (Yes, a dog person)

Tim takes his responsibility very seriously, and protects the cats with everything he’s worth. There are amazing plot-points that touch on everything from romance to family, hope to loss, as well as an in-depth look at fairly tough subjects such as abortion and death. This is a truly amazing novella which offers a very real look at life from a human’s - and a cat’s - point of view. Destiny is an amazingly powerful thing, and no human being is ever sure what their’s is until the magical moment happens.

I’ve said this before and will continue to say it, readers: Ilan Herman IS a true master of the descriptive phrase. All of his ideas are beyond interesting and will never be ‘filed in’ with the expanding world of boring, normal reads. Lord of the Cats is yet another fantastic and innovative plot that no reader will ever forget. Not to mention, like me, you’ll look at your cat a whole lot differently. Enjoy!

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