Follow Here To Purchase The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths Are Solving America's Coldest Cases

Author: Deborah Halber

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN-13: 978-1451657586

The basic premise of the book is how common people with the aid of modern technology are solving cases with no hope. The book has a unique subject and Deborah Halber, the author of the work is a senior journalist, so to read her own life experience in this field prompted me to pick this one up. And to be honest, the book does not disappoint, there are several cold cases and the writer liberally allows an insight into the crime scenes that she vividly creates. But there are also places where she jumps and moves fast on to other portions without allowing a reader to soak in the setting. This does not happen just once, but several times and breaks concentration which makes the book a bit less enjoyable. The vocabulary is good and does justice to the theme, but at certain places it may appear far too racy for a subject like this. The stories are excellent; my favorite is the one of Bonny; it hits the right notes at the right time several times over.

The book cover is good and the stories excellent, if only the editing was of equal measure then it would have definitely been an extraordinary work. The book lacks the grip due to this but if we remove this, then it is a good work for sure. In some parts we may find the reading to be too heavy and therefore, the book can cater mostly to adults and it also makes one ponder over the stark realities of people who just vanished into thin air. The aching wait of the ones who never ceased to remember them, their pain in finally knowing and not knowing as to what may have happened to them, their hidden fears could have made even more impact if only there were enough pauses in the narrative.

The lack of pause does not allow anything to be absorbed properly and many a times one will have to go back and forth just to read and feel the emotions. However, even after this the book towers tall due to its subject matter and the real life stories that must be read just to know and understand the situation that is around. The book may not, however, be palatable to those who look for light crime thrillers. For those who like such works, well it is a good work that could have been even better but then even with its flaws it leaves an impression on the hearts and minds. Must read once!